IoM Archery Club Report 21st August

Numbers were down a little on Sunday, with only 11 archers turning up to shoot a Metric round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The wind was a little difficult in the morning session but died away in the afternoon to leave conditions nigh on perfect.

It was the usual face-off between Josh Trafford and Danny Cowin in the Gent’s Recurve. Shooting a WA1440 round (90, 70, 50 & 30m) Josh struggled a little over the longer distances. He finished strongly but it was too little too late and he finished well down the table after the handicap was applied. After a frustrating season, Danny finally found the form we all know he is capable of. Making light of the poor conditions Danny shot well from start to finish, adding 51 points to his pb for the round to record a Master Bowman equivalent score and break the 1100 barrier for the first time. After handicapping he had to settle for second place.

Pete Mumford and Dave and Rhys Moore were all looking to take the honours in the Gent’s Compound but things did not run smoothly. Rhys had increased his bow’s poundage to take some stiffer arrows. This put a dent in his score as he tried to get to grips with the new ‘feel’ of the bow ahead of some intense off Island competitions. Rhys still managed to shoot the highest scratch score but it was nowhere near his best. Dave let a half time lead slip away and finished 8 points adrift of Rhys. A relatively poor 90m total put paid to Pete Mumford’s chances though the rest of the shoot was solid.

Joy Gough was the only Lady Compounder present and she was furious with herself for recording a miss at the 50m mark. After handicapping however she was the highest placed of the compound archers, finishing fifth overall.

After missing a couple of weeks shooting due to family commitments, Barbara Harris surprised herself by adding 44 points to her pb for the Short Metric (50 & 30m) which put her in fourth place overall.

With Tilly Ashton away at a Talent Development weekend in Lilleshall, only four Juniors turned up to shoot. Nathan Kinrade and Jacob Brookes shot a Short Metric IV (20 & 10m) with Nathan adding 16 points to his pb which was good enough for third place after the handicap was applied. Toby Young shot a Short Metric III (30 & 20m) but he was a little off form and he finished in the middle of the table. Star of the day however, was James Hill who added a magnificent 196 points to his pb for the Metric III (50, 40, 30 & 20m) which put him top of the leader board after handicapping.

Results: Metric Handicap – 1. J.Hill 1563 (139/933/2/1)pb, 2. D.Cowin 1523 (144/1109/19/3)pb, 3. N.Kinrade 1496 (71/518/4/1)pb, 4. B.Harris 1473 (72/593/15/2)pb, 5. J.Gough 1439 (143/1261/38/14), 6. J.Brookes 1435 (72/617/18/7), 7. T.Young 1424 (72/547/4/2), 8. D.Moore 1417 (144/1272/50/20), 9. J.Trafford 1413 (144/1038/14/4), 10. P.Mumford 1403 (144/1241/44/14), 11. R.Moore 1387 (143/1280/51/16).