IoM Archery Club Report 14th August

 A small group of archers turned up at Greeba on Sunday to shoot a WA720 round as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The round consists of 72 arrows shot at a single distance – 70m for Recurve and 50m for Compound. The Juniors shoot a distance compatible with their age group. Field set up and sighters took place in heavy rain but then, as though a switch had been flipped, it went dry for the rest of the day shooting conditions were generally good.

Josh Trafford, Dave Berry, Danny Cowin and Matt Elliott line up in the Gent’s Recurve. Matt was trying out his new heavier limbs and struggled to find sight marks with the added weight. This effectively left the other three to fight it out. They all started well and were level pegging at the end of two dozen. Dave Berry created a stir, and a burst of hilarity, when the stabilization system fell off his bow while on the shooting line. This fixed, the shoot continued and at the break Danny Cowin had a 1 point lead over the other two. After the break however things changed; Dave began to have trouble with his arrows coming off the arrow rest and causing misses, while Danny began to feel the effects of his exertions at the Venture Centre the day before. Josh however, continued his excellent form to romp home well ahead of his rivals adding 16 points to his pb in the process.

Lesley Sleight, home again after an 8 day Field Archery Competition in which she obliterated the other archers to win the tournament with ease, was the only Lady Recurver shooting on Sunday. She was slow to get back into the Target Archery mind set and her score was well below her pb.

In the Gent’s Compound Division, Rhys Moore once dominated but Pete Mumford was pleased with a season’s best score that was only a few points off his pb. Pete was lying in second place but Dave Moore turned up in the afternoon and his score pushed Pete down into third. Colin Moore finished fourth.

Joy Gough was the sole Lady Compound archer in evidence and she had a poor day with four misses which put a dent in her total.

Junior Club members Joseph Reaney, Tilly Ashton and Jacob Brookes also turned up to shoot. Joseph Reaney was shooting the round for the first time and a broken season meant that his score was a little lower than might have been expected. Tilly and Jacob meanwhile, shot a 30m round with Jacob adding 37 points to his pb and breaking his own Club Record. For Tilly it was her last chance to shoot the distance as her birthday on the 19th will move her into another age category but she said goodbye to the u12’s in style by adding a jaw dropping 196 points to her pb and setting a Club Record that is likely to stand for some time.

Results WA720 – Gents Recurve – 1. J.Trafford 72/535/9/3pb, 2. D.Cowin 72/486/2/0, 3. D.Berry 67/466/4/0, 4. M.Elliott 52/253/0/0. Ladies Recurve – L.Sleight 50/309/4/0. Gents Compound – 1. R.Moore 72/651/20/9, 2. D.Moore 72/642/16/6pb, 3. P.Mumford 72/639/18/6, 4. C.Moore 71/611/14/3. Ladies Compound – J.Gough 68/581/14/5. Junior Gents – 50m – J.Reaney 70/432/6/2pb. 30m – J.Brookes 71/533/11/3pb, NCR. Junior Girls 30m – T.Ashton 72/577/10/4pb, NCR.