Club Report 20th November 2022

There was action on and off the Island at the weekend with two Club members going to the Northern Counties Indoor Championships at Bamber Bridge. Both they and the archers who stayed at home tackled a Portsmouth round.

The two who travelled off island were Peter Howland and rising star Erin Hainge. Peter Howland put in one of his best scores of the season- 60/505/12 which saw him finish 28th in the Gents Recurve. Erin’s score of 60/510/12 gained her victory in the u14 Junior Lady Recurve and put her in fourth place overall (all age groups) in the Junior Ladies Championship. An excellent achievement.

On home soil the archers were given a Portsmouth 3 Spot to tackle, that is three target faces (with reduced scoring zones) arranged vertically. The Barebow and Tradbow archers were allowed to use the conventional/larger single face.

Ralf Mitchell managed to find space in his busy schedule to turn up for the Gents Recurve, where he found himself up against David Craine, Danny Cowin and junior archer Nathan Kinrade. Ralf’s lack of practice showed as he put four arrows wide of the target to finish in third place. David Craine’s lack of experience in general, and with the Portsmouth 3 spot in particular, put him in fourth. Danny Cowin had acquired new limbs on the Friday, which were aligned for him by Pete Mumford on the Saturday and used for the first time on Sunday. Some adjustments had to be made during the sighters and Danny was still trying to find a sight mark when the round began. The heavier limbs made the shoot ‘hard work’ according to Danny and further tweaking may be required. Tied on score with Nathan, Danny was relegated to second on countback because Nathan hit more Golds.

Chris Crompton was back in action against Pete Mumford and Colin Moore in the Gents Barebow. Chris has come under very little pressure in recent years, but he was pushed all the way by a resurgent Colin Moore. Chris managed to hold out for the win but there was only 1 point in it. Pete had an off day and had to settle for third.

Cliff Graves had the Gents Compound division all to himself and Joy Gough, as usual, had the Ladies and Stan Gorry found himself unchallenged in the Gents Tradbow.

Liam Keary made it back to complete a full round -Portsmouth single face to post the first of three scores he needs to be given a handicap.

Results Onchan: Gents Recurve- 1.N.Kinrade 59/494/10, 2.D.Cowin 60/494/5, 3.R.Mitchell 56/474/10, 4.D.Craine 49/376/5. Gents Barebow- 1.C.Crompton 60/494/11, 2.C.Moore 60/493/13, 3.P.Mumford 59/434/3. Gents Compound -C.Graves 60/566/27. Ladies Compound-J.Gough 59/542/11. Gents Tradbow- S.Gorry 60/421/3. Gents Recurve Portsmouth(Single face)-L.Keary 50/206/0.