Club Report 13th November 2022

Numbers were again a little disappointing on Sunday, though it was nice to see newcomer Liam Keary pop in during the afternoon session to shoot before having to dash off at the interval to go to work. Hopefully it won’t be his last appearance. The round of the day was a WA 18, the least liked of the Indoor rounds. Single face for Recurve – 3 spot for Compounds. The Club, as usual, observed the 2 minute silence at 11 o’clock to mark Remembrance Sunday.

Rhys Moore had a bit of competition in the Gents Compound in the shape of Cliff Graves. Rhys looked a little the worse for wear. Tiredness may have been a factor in his failing to engage his release aid properly on the string, causing one of his arrows to flop off the rest and skitter down the hall. Unfortunately, the arrow came to rest outside the 3m drop zone, so Rhys had to record it as a miss. Even so Rhys still took the win by a comfortable margin and Cliff had to be content with second place.

Danny Cowin once again took on Peter Howland in a straight head-to-head from which, once again, Danny emerged victorious. He was of course keen to beat Barbara Harris for the second week running and for a while it appeared that he might do just that. A subdued Harris persevered with the borrowed limbs from the week before until the interval, at which point she switched back to her old limbs. With more control over the bow Barbara was able to overtake Danny and avoid the ignominy of defeat. Her resurgence was not enough to catch Erin Hainge however as the Junior archer battered the adults once again on the way to yet another personal best score.

Colin Moore and Stan Gorry moaned and groaned their way through the morning in the Gents Tradbow division forming a backing track to the huffs and puffs from Danny Cowin. Stan despite a few misses was the more consistent of the two and led from start to finish without ever being under any threat from the increasingly exasperated Colin.

Pete Mumford had the Barebow division all to himself again and at times almost looked as if he was enjoying himself.

Joy Gough was also on her own in the Ladies Compound. Joy had an abundance of 9’s but simply couldn’t convert them to 10’s and a miss just before the break put another dent into her score.

Results WA 18: Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 59/562/31, 2.C.Graves 60/556/23. Gents Recurve- 1.D.Cowin 60/463/6, 2.P.Howland 60/451/5. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 59/470/12. U14 Girls- E.Hainge 60/488/10pb. Gents Tradbow- 1.S.Gorry 55/300/2, 2.C.Moore 52/281/2. Gents Barebow- P.Mumford 57/304/1. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 59/513/4.