Club Report 7th November 2021

It was the turn of the dreaded Vegas round on Sunday for the Senior Club members. The Vegas being a three-spot target face for all disciplines, arranged in a triangle and shot in strict order – left, centre right. The Juniors’ were given the challenge of a three-spot Portsmouth. Both rounds were shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League.

It was the usual line-up of Pete Mumford, Dave Moore, Cliff Graves and Rhys Moore, with the usual result of a win for Rhys. It was Dave who had the best start before a lack of practice made itself felt and a miss at the end of the third dozen not only allowed Rhys a free run to victory but also let Pete Mumford leapfrog into second place. Cliff had to be content with fourth.

A niggling shoulder injury forced Joy Gough to pull out of the Ladies Compound division leaving Theresa Graves to take the win though she did not seem to like the Vegas target much.

Competitors in the Gents Recurve continued to be thin on the ground with only Alex Allen-Snell and Peter Howland putting in an appearance. Both men had misses and both recorded personal best scores for the round. Peter added 16 points to his pb, while Alex added 46 to his en route to victory.

For once Barbara Harris was unable to outshoot the men, a miss in the second dozen allowed Alex to get ahead of her and not even a flurry of 10’s in the last six arrows (when she finally remembered how to shoot) was enough to pull it back.

The Vegas is hard enough to shoot with sights, but several Barebow archers were brave enough or foolhardy enough to take up the challenge. Stan Gorry attempted the round for the first time and wished he hadn’t. It was not until the last 18 arrows that he managed to get the measure of the target and double his score. Chris Crompton made a better go of things, but he too had a slow start and finished well down on his best score. It was left to Pete Mumford, who switched to Barebow for the afternoon session, to take the win, beating Chris by a clear 20 points.

Nathan Kinrade found himself alone on the shooting line in the three-spot Portsmouth, but the lack of competition did not prevent him from adding a terrific 31 points to his pb for the round.

Also shooting in the afternoon session were three Junior Ladies: Eloise Kinrade, Ollie Blockley and Lauryn King. Eloise (u12’s) completed her third round and can be given a handicap. Ollie was back shooting for the first time in months after a slow recovery from illness, but she managed to keep all her arrows on target and take the win over Lauryn who was taking part in her first ever competition. All three shot the standard single Portsmouth face.

Results Vegas: Gents Compound 1.R.Moore 60/564/24, 2.P.Mumford 60/550/14, 3.D.Moore 59/537/12, 4.C.Graves 60/529/9. Ladies Compound-T.Graves 58/487/5. Gents Recurve 1.A.Allen-Snell 59/506/11pb, 2.P.Howland 53/421/11pb. Ladies Recurve-B.Harris 59/499/9. Gents Barebow 1.P.Mumford 51/397/6, 2.C.Crompton 47/379/8, 3.S.Gorry 31/243/3pb. Junior Gents Portsmouth 3/spot-N.Kinrade 59/528/18pb. Portsmouth: u14 Ladies 1.O.Blockley 60/434/3, 2.L.King 52/272/0pb. u12 Ladies-E.Kinrade 54/291/2.