Club Report 6th December 2020

It was back to the dreaded WA 18 on Sunday with the Recurves being given the option of shooting on either the single face or three-spot version. Attendance continued to be low with only eight members turning up for the morning and a further two juniors making it to the afternoon session. 

Barbara Harris got off to bad start by arriving on the shooting line for sighters without her sight block. She was forced to bring the proceedings to a halt by calling a weapons malfunction, though the only thing that appeared to be malfunctioning was her brain. Barbara never really hit her stride on the three-spot, missed on several occasions and had the general demeanour of someone who wished they had stayed in bed. Her performance was lacklustre to say the least.

It was a three way shoot out between Ralf Mitchell, Peter Howland, and Alex Snell in the Gents Recurve, with all three electing to shoot the larger single face target. Things were pretty close between Peter Howland and an out of practice Alex Snell for the first three and half dozen with only 6 points separating Alex in first place and Peter in second. With 18 arrows left to shoot Alex suddenly found his rhythm and his lead widened from 6 points to 60. Peter Howland had to be content with second place. Ralf Mitchell managed to score a point more than the last time he shot the round and seemed quite pleased with himself.

The Gents Compound also had a field of three, Rhys Moore, Peter Mumford and Colin Moore. Rhys started well but seemed to lose focus after the break and his final arrow of the competition found its way into the 7. Fortunately for Rhys his opponents put up very little resistance and he took the win anyway.

Barebow specialist Chris Crompton struggled to find any consistency and it was left to junior archer James Hill to show the adults how to do it by shooting the Recurve high score of the day on the more difficult triple face target.

Nathan Kinrade (u16’s Recurve) had a go at the single face in the afternoon session and outscored all but one of the Senior Gents. Brandon Gough (u14’s Compound) shot the three-spot version, a lack of practice in his case causing him several misses which put a dent in his score.

Results WA 18: Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 57/479/8. Gents Recurve- 1.A.Snell 60/491/15, 2.P.Howland 60/439/2, 3.R.Mitchell 59/383/3. Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 60/564/27, 2.P.Mumford 60/551/16, 3.C.Moore 60/529/7. Barebow- C.Crompton 60/448/7. U18’s- J.Hill 58/503/15. U16’s- N.Kinrade 60/450/15. U14’s Compound- B.Gough 50/382/4.