IoM Archery Club Report October 16th

There was an excellent turnout at Onchan for Sunday’s shoot. The round of the day was a Worcester (60 arrows shot in groups of 5 with scoring zones from 5 down to 1) shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League. The standard was generally high with fourteen out of the twenty archers taking part recording new personal best scores.
Rhys Moore, Pete Mumford and Colin Moore faced off in the Gents Compound division. All three men were on form but Rhys shot a perfect round hitting the maximum score of 300 to take the win. Colin Moore only dropped 9 marks over the shoot but this was only good enough for third place. Nathan Kinrade accidently put one of his arrows into Pete Mumford’s target whereupon it suffered the most spectacular Robin Hood the Club members had ever seen. Shooting into the back of Nathan’s arrow with his own, Pete reduced it to mass of elegant purple and silver aluminium curls somewhat akin to a Christmas tree decoration. Still Mumford dropped only four points over the course of the shoot to take second place. Rhys carried on shooting in the afternoon where he dropped a single point to give himself a new pb for the Double Worcester.
The largest field of the day was provided by the Gents Recurve where once again Danny Cowin and Josh Trafford fought for the top spot. Danny held the lead for the first half of the shoot but after the break Josh out shot him to turn a 1 point deficit into a 2 point lead. Danny added 10 points to his pb for round but Josh added 21 to his pb to take the win. Matt Elliott added a terrific 83 points to his pb to secure third place. Dave Daughorty added an even more impressive 95 points to his pb to finish fourth. Alex Parkes added 64 points to his pb to take fifth place, just 2 points ahead of Dave Berry. Simon Jennings shot the round for the first time and needs to complete just one more round to be given a handicap. Josh Trafford carried on shooting to record a new pb for the Double Worcester which also happened to be a new u18’s Club Record. Tony Hartley elected to shoot the round Barebow.
Mother and daughter Barbara and Charlotte Harris faced off in the Ladies Recurve. As with last week’s outing it was the younger family member who triumphed. Barbara was never closer than two points behind and Charlotte’s consistent shooting saw her take the win by a clear 16 points.
Tilly Ashton was the only junior girl in evidence and she added 6 points to her pb for the round.
Nathan Kinrade, Joseph Reaney, James Hill, Aaron Pannell-Cottier, Jacob Brookes and Toby Young comprised the line up in the Junior Gents Recurve division. Nathan was shooting the round for the first time and was a little wild with some of his arrows but shot with his customary cheerfulness to set himself a benchmark. Aaron added 26 points to his pb to finish in sixth place. James Hill seemed to have an off day and had to settle for fourth. Jacob Brookes continued his run of form by adding 78 points to his pb to secure third place. Joseph Reaney added 31 points to his pb for the round to finish second but the runaway winner, who also added 78 points to his pb, was Toby Young.
Results: Worcester – Gents Compound – 1. R.Moore 60/300/60, 2. P.Mumford 60/296/56, 3. C.Moore 60/291/61. Gents Recurve – 1. J.Trafford 60/288/48pb, 2. D.Cowin 60/282/42pb, 3. M.Elliott 60/260/30pb, 4. D.Daughorty 53/240/28pb, 5. A.Parkes 60/230/15pb, 6. D. Berry 59/228/20, 7. S.Jennings 52/152/5pb. Gents Barebow – T.Hartley 59/195/13. Ladies Recurve – 1. C.Harris 60/254/26, 2. B.Harris 59/238/18. Junior Girls – T.Ashton 57/204/15pb. Junior Gents Recurve – 1. T.Young 60/257/26pb, 2. J.Reaney 59/221/12pb, 3. J.Brookes 56/184/10pb, 4. J.Hill 58/179/4, 5. A.Pannell-Cottier 52/154/7pb, 6. N.Kinrade 34/99/4pb.
Double Worcester – Gents Compound – R.Moore 120/599/119pb, P.Mumford 120/594/114. Gents Recurve – J.Trafford 118/556/84pb NCR, D.Daughorty 108/490/57. Junior Gents – T.Young 120/497/44.