IoM Archery Club Report 23rd October

There was action both on and off the Island at the weekend. Dave Moore and sons Ethan and Rhys traveled to the Aim4Sport World Record Status Shoot where they shot a Vegas round on day 1 and a Portsmouth round on day 2. Ethan was employing his new bow for the first time in competition and acquitted himself well. His score of 556 in the Vegas was a pb and put him in seventh place. Ethan Portsmouth score of 560 also earned him seventh place on the second day of the shoot. Rhys had an even better weekend; his score of 568 in the Vegas secured second place (just two points behind the winner) while his Portsmouth total of 574 was good enough for third. Dave Moore had to settle for sixth place in the Vegas with a score of 559 but he beat Rhys in the Portsmouth by just 1 point to finish second.

Back at Onchan the archers took part in a WA18 round (triple faces for the adults/ single faces for the juniors) as part of the Club’s Handicap League. There mixed fortunes as usual with Barbara Harris racking up a total of seven misses to finish dead last, while Matt Elliott added a brilliant 156 points to his pb to finish third after handicapping. There were also personal best scores for Danny Cowin (+15), Aaron Pannell- Cottier (+29), Jacob Brookes (+34) and Toby Young (+1). Alex Parkes not only added 49 points to his pb for the round but also took the win after handicapping. Simon Jennings and Nathan Kinrade shot the round for the first time. This was their third completed round which means they now have a handicap and can be included in future Handicap rounds.

Results WA18:- 1. A.Parkes 1470(49/377/4)pb, 2. A.Pannell-Cottier 1462(56/330/1)pb, 3. M.Elliot 1449(55/452/7)pb, 4. D.Cowin 1442(60/536/13)pb, =4. John Hill 1442(44/323/4), 6. J.Trafford 1431(60/542/20), 7. C.Moore 1423(59/541/16), =7. P.Mumford 1423(60/551/17), 9. J.Gough 1418(60/533/11), 10. J.Brookes 1411(53/300/1)pb, 11. James Hill 1387(55/345/0), 12. T.Young 1386(60/405/3)pb, 13. B.Harris 1373(53/412/2)
Also shooting S. Jennings 39/267/0pb. N.Kinrade 46/279/7pb.