Club Report 15th January 2023

While Rhys Moore was busy getting battered at a Snooker tournament, the Records Officer took the opportunity to run another Worcester without having to listen to his whinging. The Worcester is unique among the Indoor Rounds in that arrows are shot in groups of five instead of three and the monochrome target scores only from 5 down to 1. The maximum score is 300.

The day can best be described as one of mixed fortunes. There was a wide range of bow styles on display, a wide range of scores resulting from them, and a quiver-full of excuses for them. In the Barebow category Pete Mumford faced off against Chris Crompton. Chris put in a terrific display and got withing 3 points of the Club Record. Pete, still working his way back from an injury sustained last summer, was using heavier poundage limbs for the first time and found the difference challenging. He did at least make it to the shooting line with his pressure button in place and he managed not to sit in his coffee this week.

On one of the few days that Joy Gough had some competition in the Ladies Compound, she forgot to bring her contact lenses which had a negative impact upon her score. Rose Sandilands, fresh from a fourth place showing at the Scottish National Championships, put in one of her best ever scores – dropping just 10 points, to take the win.

Danny Cowin put in another of his infrequent visits. He wound some more poundage off his bow before the shoot started, which meant he didn’t have any sight marks. Insisted for about half the shoot that his pressure button was to blame for his arrows going out to the left, before realising that he was drawing into the wrong reference point. As soon as Danny adjusted his hand position the arrows went in the middle. The group became so tight that he started to damage his own arrows. While his overall score was well off the standards of his heyday, it was still enough to take the win against Peter Howland.

A sucker for punishment, Peter Howland then switched from Recurve to Longbow for the afternoon session. This put up against Bill Callow. Both men were shooting the round for the first time, but Bill is significantly more experienced with the Longbow and the result was not a surprise. Peter struggled to hit the boss let alone the target and finished some 99 points behind Bill. Bill’s score was, he thought, a reasonable first attempt. Bill had in fact shattered the Club Record by over 20 points.

Barbara Harris showed what a lack of focus could do to an archer as she put in another lack lustre performance. Her showing was not as bad as that of Colin Moore who had a nightmare shoot with his Tradbow which he put down to having the wrong type of arrows.

Even Junior star Erin Hainge had an off day, but her efforts were still enough for victory against Eloise Kinrade who was a bit short of practice. Nathan Kinrade had a better time of it by showing the adult Recurvers how it should be done.

John Angiolini also shot the round but used it to get his spare bow tuned up for a major competition he has in a few weeks.

Results Worcester: Gents Barebow- 1.C.Crompton 60/244/18, 2.P.Mumford 59/212/11. Ladies Compound- 1.R.Sandilands 60/290/50, 2.J.Gough 58/276/44. Gents Recurve- 1.D.Cowin 60/224/13, 2.P.Howland 58/212/6. Gents Longbow- 1.B.Callow 60/191/9 NCR, 2.P.Howland 34/92/1. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 58/231/18. Gents Tradbow- C.Moore 43/122/3. U14 Girls- 1.E.Hainge 60/226/13, 2.E.Kinrade 52/150/5. Junior Gents Recurve- N.Kinrade 50/254/20.