Club Report 22nd May 2022

The weather was predicted to be windy but bright on Sunday, but it turned out to be calm and damp. A heavy mist rolled in and out at the far end of the field, the 90m boss all but disappearing at times. The lack of wind which made shooting easier, was counterbalanced by the swarms of midges who quickly made their presence felt. The Outdoor season continued to be the worst weatherwise for a decade, with everyone agreeing that it felt more like late autumn than early summer.

The round of the day was supposed to be a WA 1440 but only Rhys Moore, Joy Gough and Barbara Harris attempted it. Rhys Moore got off to an excellent start, his new bow bedding in nicely. He put in one of his best 90m of the season so far and followed it up with a good show at 70m.

Joy Gough also had a good morning, but Barbara Harris struggled from the start. With real life getting in the way of practice Harris was sadly out of form. Two misses at 70m had her wishing she had stayed in bed. Another miss at 60m dropped her score even lower. Barbara went into the afternoon session thinking that things would improve but she was dead wrong. Four misses in the first dozen at 50m had her shaking her head in frustration. Another two misses and Harris pulled out, packed up and went home. Joy also had a poor 50m, a miss and some low scoring arrows dropped her distance total well below the 300 she aims for. However, Joy was able to regroup at 30m to post a decent overall score. Rhys meanwhile was enjoying himself, with the longer distances out of the way he could relax. The result was that he equalled his pb for the round and looks set to have a good season ahead of him.

Colin Moore, Pete Mumford and Stan Gorry took each other on in 50m Barebow round. Pete declaring that he was having a day off from Compound had a bit of an average start and couldn’t keep pace with Colin Moore whose resurgence with the Barebow continues. Stan Gorry fell back into his old habit of dropping his bow arm on the shot, which had the result of dropping him down to third.

The irrepressible Ralf Mitchell also turned up for the morning session and continued his archery journey in the form of a Long Metric I.

The afternoon session saw James Hill and Peter Howland face off in a Short Metric, an encounter that was easily won by James. Peter had a nightmare of an afternoon and was glad when it was over.

Erin Hainge was the only junior to show up and despite an uncharacteristic miss she easily broke 500.

Results: WA 1440 Gents Compound- R.Moore 144/1339/65/17=pb. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 143/1225/32/11. Long Metric I Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 69/434/-/-. Gents Recurve- R.Mitchell 68/362/-/-. 50m Barebow 1.C.Moore 70/450/1/1, 2.P.Mumford 65/419/1/-, 3.S Gorry 67/392/1/1. Short Metric – 1.J.Hill 72/538/11/4, 2.P. Howland 45/319/2/-. Long Metric IV- E.Hainge 71/521/7/3.