Club Report 16th February 2020

Seventeen archers took on a Portsmouth at the Onchan Hub on Sunday. The round of the day was shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League, the scratch scores being adjusted by means of handicap tables to give the overall result. The handicap system allows all bow types, ages and genders to shoot against one another on a level playing field. If an archer shoots exactly to their handicap the adjusted score will come out at 1440. Anything above or below this gives an indication of how well or badly the individual has shot.

The shoot got off to an entertaining start thanks to the antics of Ralf Mitchell, who held up proceedings to saunter down to the bosses. A fastidious and precise sort, he thought his target looked a little cockeyed and having adjusted it to his liking he sauntered back to the shooting line. Sadly, Ralf had been less than fastidious and precise about putting his bow together. The string was not on properly, and as he drew up his bow with a Caledonian flourish, the string unstrung itself. The arrow, closely followed by the limbs and string, clattered away down the hall and a bemused Ralf was left holding nothing but the handle. There was a moments silence in which someone drily observed “Good thing you straightened that target”, before everyone on the shooting line burst out laughing. Peter Mumford kindly put Ralf’s bow back together and things finally got underway.

Even though it was a handicap round, the archers still like to see who will post the highest scratch score. On the Compound side of things that honour went to Dave Moore, but it was only good enough fourth place overall. Rhys Moore unexpectedly found himself off the pace, finishing third in scratch terms and seventh overall. Joy Gough couldn’t buy a 10, a slew of 9’s put a dent in her score, but she was pleased to have beaten Colin Moore, who had taken his Compound bow out of mothballs for the day. Pete Mumford shot solidly to come second in scratch terms and fifth after handicapping.

The Recurve side of things saw James Hill add 32 points to his pb for the three-spot Portsmouth, to post the highest scratch score of the day and finish second overall. First place in the Handicap went to Chris Addy who added 26 points to his pb to break the 500 barrier for the first time. It was great to see Kristen Joughin back in action after a gap of several months. Her solid performance earned Kristen sixth place after handicapping. Barbara Harris found the whole exercise a struggle and wished she had stayed at home. Not content with poor shooting, Barbara very nearly cracked Rhys Moore on the head with her heavily weighted long rod after misjudging where her bow stand was. Nathan Kinrade did not do himself justice but still did better than Ralf Mitchell, who was understandably shaken by his bow coming apart, and Peter Howland, who found himself bottom of the leader board. Simon Kenyon’s shoot ended abruptly half-way through the third dozen when his string snapped and he went home.

Barebow archer Chris Crompton put in another impressive round to secure third place overall.

Results Portsmouth Handicap-1.C.Addy 1491 (60/504/16)pb, 2.J.Hill 1452 (60/550/22)pb, 3.C.Crompton 1443 (60/517/18), 4.D.Moore 1436 (60/568/28), 5.P.Mumford 1433 (60/566/27), 6.K.Joughin 1426 (60/439/3), 7.R.Moore 1425 (60/562/23), 8.J.Gough 1423 (60/545/7), 9.C.Moore 1419 (60/544/12), 10.B.Harris 1416 (60/543/18), 11.N.Kinrade 1414 (58/497/12), =11.R.Mitchell 1414 (54/446/11), 13.A.Allen-Snell 1395 (59/499/11), 14.P.Howland 1393 (56/465/10).
Also shooting were Andy Westmorland 59/374/1pb and Ollie Blockley 59/425/6pb.