Club Report 8/9th February 2020

There was plenty of shooting, but competition was restricted to the Cake BakeOff this weekend as Onchan played host to the Club’s annual coaching workshop.

The Juniors did have some results from one of the many postal competitions they are involved in. The November Challenge is organized by Archery GB and covers the whole UK and affiliated Islands. The competition (for u18’s only) is based on a Portsmouth round shot, as the name suggests, in the month of November and the categories are divided by age and gender. Certificates were posted out and duly presented to Jacob Brookes, Tilly Ashton, Nathan Kinrade, James Hill and Toby Young by the Records Officer Barbara Harris. The youngest of the Club’s entrants, Brandon Gough, who came second in the u12’s Boys Compound also received a silver medal.

Senior coaches Tony Drabble and Clive Jeacock flew into the Island to provide one to one coaching, bow fettling and equipment advice. There was a terrific turnout, and it was great to see a lot of the newest members taking advantage of Tony and Clive’s presence. Judging by the posts on social media, the weekend had been a huge success for all involved. Many thanks to Clive and Tony whose longstanding association with the Club has contributed greatly to its ongoing success.

Tony and Clive also consented to judge the BakeOff – the cakes brought in by Club members for consumption over the weekend providing the only form of competition this week. Caving under the shameless lobbying, and unsportsmanlike denigration of the other entrants’ offerings by Ralf Mitchell, they declared him to be the winner. Event organizer Joy Gough presented Ralf with his prize – a box of Tic Tacs – whereupon Ralf delivered a speech that was as half-baked as his cookies.

Normal service has now been resumed.