Club Report 1st December 2019

The Club’s archers were in action both on and off the island at the weekend. Two of the juniors, Toby Young and Nathan Kinrade travelled to Stoneleigh, under the aegis of Pete Mumford, to take part in the Junior Indoor Nationals. Those who turned up at home took part in a Metric round shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League.

The round of the day was technically a WA 18 three spot, but since the handicap tables take into account the difference in difficulty between the triple and the single face target (and the Records Officer was in a good mood) Recurve archers were allowed to shoot the larger single face if they wished. Danny Cowin elected to shoot the three-spot and outscored Alex Allen-Snell and Simon Kenyon who both opted for the single face. After the handicap was applied however, Danny found himself bottom of the leader board. Alex struggled to find some consistency and ended up second last after handicapping. Simon, shooting the round for the first time, was guaranteed a pb. He seemed a little unhappy with his score, but he shot well above his handicap to take the overall win.

Barbara Harris as usual put in the highest Recurve scratch score shooting the three-spot. Like Alex she struggled for consistency and while it was an improvement upon her score of Tuesday night, it was no where near good enough and she ended up third from bottom after the handicap was applied.

Barebow shooter Chris Crompton, put in another solid round to finish fifth overall just ahead of Colin Moore who had switched back to his Compound bow for the occasion. Both Joy Gough and Rhys Moore hit too many 9’s to make an impact and it was Pete Mumford, shaking off the fatigue of boat journey’s to and from the UK, who put in the highest scratch Compound score of the day, which was good enough for second place overall.

Also shooting a Portsmouth round were father and son Chris and Dylan Addy. Chris added 78 points to his pb for the Portsmouth and having shot three rounds will be eligible to shoot in the next handicap. Dylan added a terrific 127 points to his pb and needs one more round to acquire a handicap.

The Junior Indoor National Championships took place on Saturday at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. The competition is based on a Portsmouth round, with the older children shooting a triple face target.

Nathan Kinrade finished 14th in the u14’s with a score of 60/497/9, while Toby Young (shooting on a three-spot Portsmouth) came 16th in the u18’s with a score of 60/499/10.

Results WA18 Handicap- 1.S.Kenyon 1464 (59/455/11)pb, 2.P.Mumford 1441 (60/561/23), 3.R.Moore 1429 (60/553/17), 4.J.Gough 1424 (60/531/7), 5.C.Crompton 1420 (60/433/5),6.C.Moore 1419 (59/531/11), 7.B.Harris 1417 (60/511/14), 8.A.Allen-Snell 1415 (60/475/9), 9.D.Cowin 1407 (60/483/9). Portsmouth – C.Addy 59/478/7pb. D.Addy 56/321/2pb.