Club Report 18th March

Nineteen archers made it to Onchan on Sunday in spite of the weather. The round of the day was a WA18 three spot for the adults, with the Juniors and Trad bows shooting the larger single face. The round was shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League.
The Gents Compound was another straight head to head between Rhys Moore and Pete Mumford. Pete put in another of his consistent scores but it was not quite enough against Rhys who has only been beaten once this season.
Joy Gough felt as though she had not really turned up to the afternoon session and her score sheet was definitely not up to her usual standard.
The largest field of the day was provided by the Gents Recurve. With Danny Cowin shooting the Vegas round he had missed earlier in the year the way was open for someone else to win for once. Eric Lutes, Dave Berry, Peter Howland, David Hicks and James Aldridge lined up to have a go. Peter did well on his least favourite target to add 32 points to his pb but had to settle for last place. James Aldridge, who had not competed for several weeks, added 6 points to his pb to take fourth. Eric Lutes had an off day, the number of misses putting a real dent into his score, which left him in third place. David Hicks added an impressive 61 points to his pb which secured second but the win went to Dave Berry in spite of a couple misses in the first dozen.
In the Ladies Recurve Jane Berry added a terrific 62 points to her pb for the round to take second. Barbara Harris notched up her customary couple of misses to record yet another below par round.
Lesley Sleight put her Trad bow to good use by adding 2 points to her pb for the round before heading off to brave the outdoors with her field archery colleagues.
In the afternoon the Juniors turned up to shoot the WA18 and Danny Cowin and Barbara Harris took the opportunity to shoot the second of their Rhubarb rounds. Barbara was hoping to improve on her score to make it just that bit harder for Rhys to catch her. Even after a bit of creative accounting in her scoresheet had been pointed out by Rhys, Barbara did indeed embed herself slightly more firmly into second last place. Danny, currently second in the Rhubarb table, was hoping to take the lead and might have done so had the arrow rest on his bow not broken halfway through which effectively put an end to his challenge.
In the Junior Girls, Tilly Ashton still seemed to be struggling for form but won by a considerable margin. Lily Priestnal added 60 points to her pb to take second and Beth Aldridge added 15 points to her pb in third.
The equipment problems Nathan Kinrade had part way through the shoot cost him but he still managed to improve his pb by 11 points. James Hill, who has improved consistently during the Indoor Season, added 37 points to his pb to take second place, while Toby Young put on his usual classy display to take the win.
Also shooting was Ralf Mitchell who completed the final Portsmouth round needed to be awarded a handicap.
Results WA18 3/s – Gents Compound – 1.R.Moore 60/565/24, 2.P.Mumford 60/551/15. Ladies Compound – J. Gough 60/533/16. Gents Recurve – 1.D.Berry 58/493/11, 2.D.Hicks 44/446/8pb, 3.E.Lutes 42/416/6, 4.J.Aldridge 44/343/4pb, 5.P.Howland 41/310/4pb. Ladies Recurve – 1.B.Harris 58/481/11, 2.J.Berry 51/401/5pb. WA18 Ladies Tradbow – L.Sleight 58/404/4. Junior Girls Recurve – 1.T.Ashton 57/370/4, 2.L.Preistnal 53/303/1pb, 3.B.Aldridge 29/137/0pb. Gents Recurve – Vegas – D.Cowin 59/502/13. Portsmouth – R.Mitchell 60/441/9pb.
Congratulations to Toby Young for winning his age group in last years Summer Metrics Postal Competition.