Club Report 25th March

Twenty archers turned up for the last Sunday shoot of the Indoor Season. The round of the day was a Portsmouth shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League. Compound archers shot on triple faces, as usual, with everyone else on single face targets.
In the Gents Compound Rhys Moore continued his winning streak to take first place but the fight for second was a close thing between Dave Moore and Pete Mumford. Dave held second place after the first dozen only to find himself out shot by Pete over the second dozen. Things were all square after third but Pete managed to give himself a one point lead going into the final dozen. After the dust had settled both men had the same score. Tied scores are decided upon the total number of Golds (10’s) shot, in this case Pete had 25 and Dave had 26, so second place went to Dave Moore.
Joy Gough ended the season on a high. After a slow, grinding morning session Joy carried on in the afternoon to shoot a double round. Joy found the second session easier and improved upon her morning’s score. The total for the double saw her add 5 points to pb for the round.
The largest field of the day was again provided by the Gents Recurve. With Danny Cowin back in action the result was a forgone conclusion. Even though Danny clearly needed the extra hour sleep he had lost with the clocks going forward and had trouble getting his arrows away, he took the win by a comfortable margin. Dave Berry took his customary second place, with James Aldridge adding 28 points to his pb for the round to take third. Peter Howland added 13 points to his pb to secure fourth and David Smith improved his pb by 15 points but had to settle for fifth place.
In the Ladies Recurve, Jane Berry was shooting with new, heavier limbs and different arrows ready for the start of the Outdoor season. The changes did not seem to bother her and she added 24 points to her pb for the round. Barbara Harris elected to shoot a Portsmouth three spot target to prevent damage to her arrows. Danny Cowin sportingly suggested that she needn’t bother because Barbara’s groups were not that good.
Lesley Sleight put in a season’s best score with her Trad bow, but neither Colin Moore (Barebow) or Graham Makepeace – Warne (Longbow) were happy with their showing. James Hill elected to shoot the second of his Rhubarb Challenge rounds in the morning session. James added 22 points to his pb but did not alter the leader board.
In the afternoon session the Juniors arrived. Jacob Brookes shooting his new bow for only the second time, seemed to be adjusting to it well but could not prevent Toby Young from finishing the season unbeaten.
Tilly Ashton put in a rather erratic round but took the win from Lily Priestnal, who added 3 points to her pb to secure second ahead of Beth Aldridge.
Rhys Moore, in a desperate attempt to avoid the wooden spoon yet again, elected to shoot his second Rhubarb round. To be fair he only missed the entire boss once and he got nearly half of his arrows onto his target. He managed to improve on his first Rhubarb score by 29 points reaching a total of 140. If he had been allowed to add the points he racked up on the other targets on the boss belonging to his Dad and the Records Officer he would have had a score of 244. Sadly this was not the case and the wooden spoon heads to Greeba once more.
Results Portsmouth – Gents Compound – 1.R. Moore 60/573/33, 2.D. Moore 60/565/26, 3.P.Mumford 60/565/25. Ladies Compound – J.Gough 60/553/17. Gents Recurve – 1.D. Cowin 60/544/21, 2.D. Berry 60/529/18, 3.J. Aldridge 60/474/11pb, 4.P. Howland 60/456/4pb, 5.D. Smith 60/446/10pb. Gents Barebow – C. Moore 60/500/9. Gents Longbow – G. Makepeace-Warne – 60/361/4. Ladies Recurve – 1.B. Harris 58/511/15, 2.J. Berry 60/495/10pb. Ladies Tradbow – Lesley Sleight – 60/445/4sb. Junior Gents – 1.T.Young 60/537/13, 2.J. Brookes 60/489/11. Junior Girls – 1.T. Ashton 60/459/5, 2.L. Priestnal 60/407/3pb, 3.B. Aldridge 50/225/1.
Double Portsmouth – J.Gough 120/1110/35pb. Rhubarb Challenge – J.Hill 56/276/0pb. R.Moore 29/140/0.