Club Report 11th March

A total of fifteen archers turned up on Sunday to shoot a round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The adults, with the exception of Longbowman Graham Makepeace-Warne, shot a Vegas, while the juniors shot a Portsmouth 3 spot. The scratch scores were adjusted by handicap to give the overall result.
Only two Compound archers were in action, Pete Mumford and Joy Gough. Pete equalled his pb for the round and finished fifth overall. Joy started slowly but finished strongly ending up in seventh place.
The largest field of the day came in the Gents Recurve with Eric Lutes, Dave Berry, David Hicks and Peter Howland vying for the honours. David Hicks using a new sight and shooting the Vegas for the first time, had a bit of trouble finding his range. Out of practice having not shot for a month David had to settle for last place in scratch terms and second last after the handicap was applied. Dave Berry suffered another erratic shoot, recording five misses. His score took the scratch honours but he had to settle for twelfth place overall. Eric Lutes had a number of misses and seemed very unhappy with his performance but he added a terrific 95 points to his pb and came in fourth overall. Peter Howland had an even better day adding a monumental 148 points to his pb to come second in scratch terms and take the overall win.
In the Ladies Recurve Barbara Harris appeared to be asleep at the beginning of the shoot. Harris put four arrows wide of the target before realizing that there was something wrong with her bow. She had in fact failed to put the top limb in correctly and was grateful to Joy Gough for pointing this out. Barbara recovered from her disastrous start to record the highest Vegas recurve score of the day but she finished in eleventh place overall. Jane Berry struggled with her form and had a difficult shoot but still managed to put 8 points onto her pb. Jane finished in tenth place.
Graham Makepeace-Warne put his Longbow to good use on a WA18 single face target to register his best score at the Club and take second place overall.
There were mixed fortunes for the Juniors too. Tilly Ashton was no where near her best and finished in last place after the handicap was applied. Little Lily Priestnal tired badly towards the end of the shoot but added an excellent 53 points to her pb to secure sixth place overall.
Toby Young put in the highest Junior score of the day but was unhappy with the number of 7’s and 8’s he hit and was disgusted with a miss he had in the second last dozen. Toby finished in the middle of the table. Jacob Brookes shot his new bow for the first time and understandably had some teething troubles. A handful of misses put a dent in his score but Jacob still managed to add 3 points to his pb and finished ninth. James Hill put in another solid shoot adding one point to his pb in spite of having a miss, and his overall score was good enough for third place on the day.
Ralph Mitchell shot his second Portsmouth round for Handicap purposes.
Results Mother’s Day Handicap – 1. P.Howland 1515 (49/382/6)pb, 2. G.Makepeace-Warne 1465 (47/264/0), 3. J.Hill 1449 (59/510/15)pb, 4. E.Lutes 1437 (47/358/3)pb, 5. P.Mumford 1436 (60/564/27)=pb, 6. L.Priestnal 1427 (43/325/1)pb, 7. J.Gough 1425 (60/540/16), 8. T.Young 1417 (59/531/21), 9. J.Brookes 1411 (56/465/7)pb, 10. J.Berry 1392 (47/350/2)pb, 11. B.Harris 1391 (55/472/11), 12. D.Berry 1378 (54/433/7), 13.D.Hicks 1369 (35/276/7)pb, 14. T.Ashton 1363 (52/424/7). Portsmouth Scratch – R.Mitchell 60/429/4pb.