Club Report – 23rd April

Greeba was bathed in glorious sunshine on Sunday but temperatures were low and wind cheaters and woolly hats were the order of the day. There was very little wind to speak of and conditions looked good for some high scores. The round of the day was a WA1440 (90/70/50/30m for the Gents 70/60/50/30m for the Ladies) but as the round was being shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League any completed metric round could be included.

In spite of hopes for good scores, several archers got off to a poor start. Dave Moore suffered badly in the initial stages due to an equipment fault. By the time he had sorted the problem the round had effectively slipped away from him and it was Rhys Moore who took the scratch honours in the Gents Compound. Joy Gough put in a fairly consistent shoot but felt that everything was an effort.
Josh Trafford could not find any consistency at the 90m distance and recorded a sub total that was well below his best. He recovered at the second distance, shot a decent 50m and finished strongly at the 30.

Barbara Harris had a miss with her first arrow and followed it up with two more at the 70m distance. She then shot a steady 60m and put in the best 50m sub total she has had in three years. Unfortunately she let mind wander at the shortest distance which resulted in another miss and a disappointing overall total.

Matt Elliott and Carl Moon were having a better time of things. Both men attempted the Long Metric I round (3 dozen arrows at each of two distances 70 & 60m) for the first time. It was only to be expected that the more experienced Matt Elliot would take the scratch honours for the round and after handicapping Matt finished in joint first place overall. Carl was shooting outdoors for only the second time and needs to complete one more round to be given a handicap.

The afternoon session saw the arrival of Dave Berry and six junior club members. Dave Berry shot a Short Metric (50 & 30m) round for the first time and naturally recorded a personal best score. Nathan Kinrade, Tilly Ashton and Jacob Brookes shot a Short Metric IV (20 & 10m) with Tilly taking the scratch honours. However Nathan Kinrade added 10 points to his pb for the round which after handicapping put him in third place overall. James Hill shot a Short Metric III (30 & 20m) a couple of misses put a dent in his score but he finished strongly to come sixth overall. Joseph Reaney and Toby Young went head to head in the Short Metric II (40 & 30m). Joseph added 7 points to his pb for the round in spite of having a miss at the longer distance but the day belonged to Toby. He added a terrific 203 points to his pb to take the scratch win by a considerable margin and went on to tie for first place overall after the handicap had been applied.