Club Report – 9th April

A total of eleven archers turned up at Greeba on Sunday to shoot a Metric round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. Conditions seemed perfect to begin with but as the morning progressed the wind became gusty and unpredictable. By the afternoon the weather had deteriorated and the Junior archers who turned up later in the day had the worst of the cold, misty conditions.

With Dave and Rhys Moore away at a competition only Colin Moore, Pete Mumford and Billy Lightfoot were in contention in the Gents Compound. Colin elected to shoot a 720 round ( 72 arrows at the 50m distance) and put in a solid score which was good enough for fifth place after handicapping. Pete and Billy shot a full WA1440 (36 arrows at each of four distances: 90/70/50/30m) over the course of the day with Billy taking the scratch honours by a handful of points but finished behind Pete after the handicap was applied.

Danny Cowin once again the only Gent who turned up for the Recurve division. His dedication to practice was rewarded by a 46 point improvement on his previous week’s score which was good enough for third place after handicapping.

Joy Gough had a good start to the day and was 16 points up on her score of the previous week by the lunch break. Unfortunately the weather after lunch was not so good and a miss at the 50m put her 11 points down on last week’s score.

Barbara Harris started well but faded badly recording 9 misses and finishing 130 points on her previous week’s score. After handicapping she finished dead last.

Toby Young had a much better day. With his birthday in December moving him up into the u16’s category, Toby shot a Long Metric II round (36 arrows at each of two distances 60&50m) for the first time. He posted a Junior Bowman equivalent score of 520 which after handicapping made him the overall winner.

James Hill, Nathan Kinrade, Jacob Brookes and Joseph Reaney turned up in the afternoon to shoot round in accordance with their age group. In spite of being inadequately dressed for the conditions Nathan Kinrade added 25 points to his pb for the Short Metric IV (20&10m) which secured second place overall after the handicap was applied. Joseph Reaney added a marvellous 53 points to his pb for the Short Metric II (40/30m) and James Hill added 57 points to his pb for the Short Metric III and just missed out on third place after handicapping. Jacob Brookes took the scratch honours in the Short Metric IV but finished in seventh place after the handicap was applied.

Results : Metric Handicap – 1. T.Young 1511 (72/520/6/3)pb, 2. N.Kinrade 1499 (71/542/14/3)pb, 3. D.Cowin 1453 (144/1078/14/5), 4. J.Hill 1451 (72/541/9/3)pb, 5. C.Moore 1450 (72/622/16/3), 6. J.Reaney 1429 (71/475/4/2)pb, 7. J.Brookes 1427 (72/603/16/4), 8. P.Mumford 1423 (144/1261/47/14), 9. B.Lightfoot 1405 (144/1268/50/16), 10. J.Gough 1375 (143/1232/33/10), 11. B.Harris 1286 (135/921/10/1).