Club Report – 18th December

Twelve archers dragged themselves away from the Christmas TV schedules to take part in a Metric round shot as part of the Club’s Handicap league. The round of the day was a WA18 3 spot, with Juniors and those shooting Barebow on a single face target.

Rhys Moore once again put in the highest scratch score of the Compound archers but had to settle for 6th place after handicapping.

Danny Cowin registered the highest Recurve scratch score but was some way off his best as evinced by his handicap score which put him down in tenth place.

Dave Berry showed a return to form, shooting well up to his handicap to be the highest place adult on the day.

Both Lesley Sleight and Colin Moore elected to shoot the round Barebow with Colin taking the scratch honours.

The day belonged to the Juniors however, with Toby Young adding 13 points to his pb for the round and Jacob Brookes adding 27 to his pb and take the overall win after the handicap was applied. Nathan Kinrade was only 1 point off his pb but after handicapping he tied in second place with Toby Young. Joseph Reaney shot well but was pushed down into fourth after handicapping.

Results WA18 3/spot Handicap- 1. J.Brookes 1472 (58/412/6)pb, 2. N.Kinrade 1464 (50/263/3), =2. T.Young 1464 (60/483/10)pb, 4. J.Reaney 1456 (60/447/5), 5. D.Berry 1443 (53/446/9), 6. R.Moore 1441 (60/569/29), 7. B.Harris 1430 (56/469/8), 8. P.Mumford 1426 (60/554/18), 9. C. Moore 1413 (60/388/0), 10. D.Cowin 1398 (58/492/15), 11. T.Hartley 1380 (56/474/15), 12. L.Sleight 1352 (58/378/4).