Meriden Archery Club’s Double WA1440: Day Two

Sunday saw the final day of the Double WA1440 at Meriden Archery Club. The six IOM shooters from the Senior Men’s squad were all in good form following an excellent day on the Saturday.

Rhys Moore again lead the shooting with a further Master Bowman score of 1312, but was a little disappointed in his overall score, as with most of the shooters on the day, he struggled at 90 meters with the bright sun on the shooting line and the targets in darkness under the trees. Rhys rounded his 30 meters off with a very respectable 351 ex 360.

Billy Lightfoot had a better second day, but had some issues with his release aid which had suffered from the heavy rain the first day, it took copious applications of WD40 over the course of the day to keep his old frame moving :-), however, he still managed a very respectable 1291 and secured his third required Bowman score for qualification for next years Island Games.

David Moore had a difficult 90 meters, but still managed to increase his score from the first day with 1280, and managed to finish the day with 18 straight 10’s in the 30 meter round for a 349 ex 360.

Ethan Moore was slightly down on Saturday’s new PB with 1258 but this was still a Bowman score and gives him a Bowman National Ranking for the year in his first year of compound shooting.

Danny Cowin had an excellent weekend shooting at Meriden, not only did he collect a Bowman score on the first day, he also won his 1000 points GNAS badge, along with his 6 gold end badge from a World Ranking WA1440 which has to be shot at one of the two longest distances of either 70 or 90 meters.
Dave Berry continued to fine tune his equipment, and was happy with his second day which saw a slight dip on Saturday’s score,but was still a respectable 932, but it was great training for him following his return to full distance outdoor shooting this year after an extended time period off due to injury.

The event at Meriden was perfect training for next years Island Games in Gotland, Sweden. The weekend was a great success and the evening meals were something to behold, with much abuse being given and taken, and many had sore ribs from laughing so much 🙂