Meriden Archery Club Double WA1440: Day One

Today saw six members of the Men’s senior squad competing on the first day of Meriden Archery Club’s double WA1440.

The weather conditions were less than favorable being dark and overcast which subsequently turned to heavy rain of much day. However, this did not prevent a number of PB’s and Island Games qualifying scores being achieved.

Rhys Moore lead the day, shooting his third official archery GB Master Bowman classification with a score of 1326. Billy Lightfoot and Danny Cowin both attained a second Island Games qualifying score with 1278 and 1068 respectively.

David Moore finished with a further Bowman score of 1274. Ethan Moore had a good morning with a distance PB at 70m which enabled him to shoot a overall PB with 1269 to complete his third official archery GB Bowman classification. Dave Berry working through some equipment issues finished the day with 948, that saw him pleased with a more consistent day.

All will be shooting again tomorrow, and hoping for better weather.