Club Report 19th March 2023

The last Sunday before the Club Championships meant everyone was trying to get to grips with either a single or triple face WA 18 depending on bow type. The results were by and large disappointing with a number of archers being guilty of trying too hard.

A somewhat fatigued Aalin George turned up so late that the only available space was in the far corner between Andrew Westmorland and Peter Howland. The poor light in the hall meant that she had difficulty seeing and struggled to get her shots away. The Records Officer took pity on her and swapped places after the sighters so that Aalin had a spot in the centre of the shooting line. From here Aalin was able to do enough to take the win over Joy Gough whose timing came and went over the course of the morning.

Danny Cowin inflicted a heavy defeat on Peter Howland in the Gents Recurve though his score was significantly down on the previous week, something he was not happy about, but then if he was happy about things he wouldn’t be Danny Cowin.

Chris Crompton logged another victory over Pete Mumford and Stan Gorry in the Barebow division, with Stan once again wondering why he shoots so much better on a Tuesday night than on a Sunday morning. This sentiment was echoed by Andrew Westmorland who had to settle for third place in the Gents Compound. Dave Moore took second, while Rhys Moore bucked the low-scoring trend of the morning by shooting a pb to take victory.

Barbara Harris shot unopposed in the Ladies Recurve which was just as well as she posted her lowest score of the season. Colin Moore trounced Ralf Mitchell in the Tradbow section. Erin Hainge was the only junior to show up.

Results: Ladies Compound 1.A George 60/544/11, 2.J.Gough 59/524/11. Gents Recurve 1.D.Cowin 56/461/7, 2.P.Howland 52/399/3. Ladies Recurve B.Harris 54/436/10. Barebow 1.C.Crompton 60/458/4, 2.P.Mumford 58/432/4, 3.S.Gorry 60/389/2. Gents Compound 1.R.Moore 60/583/43pb, 2.D.Moore 59/542/17, 3.A Westmorland 58/521/9. Tradbow 1.C.Moore 58/344/2, 2.R.Mitchell41/196/1. U14’s E.Hainge 60/471/9.