Club Indoor Championships 2023

The Sunday of the Indoor season brought round the annual Indoor Championships with archers across all bow types setting their sights on the silverware. The Championship round was the WA 18; single face for Trad, Bare and Longbow, triple face for Compound and Recurve. The junior round would have been a Portsmouth 3 spot but both juniors who entered elected to shoot the adult round as they would automatically become Club Champions for their age groups as there were no other challengers. Barbara Harris operated the timer – 2 minutes per three arrows and acted as judge in the morning session, with Joy Gough taking up the role in the afternoon to allow Barbara to compete.

The last minute withdrawal of Alex Allen-Snell meant that the Gents Recurve was a straight shootout between Peter Howland and Danny Cowin. A resurgent Danny Cowin led from start to finish and whilst a last minute miss was disappointing for him, he still finished 74 points ahead of Peter who had a difficult shoot.

A nightmare shoot also unfolded for Dave Moore in the Gents Compound. A miss in the first dozen effectively ended his chances of victory but a further two misses after the break dropped him to last place. Rhys Moore, unbeaten Indoors this season, finished almost 30 points ahead of his nearest rival Andrew Westmorland. Cliff Graves just pipped u16 Champion Brandon Gough to take third place.

Aalin George who made a return to shooting this season found that the pressure of the clock was just the spur she needed to get her shots away as defeated Joy Gough in the Ladies Compound.

With junior Erin Hainge electing to shoot the Senior round and a last minute entry by Tilly Ashton who, like Aalin, made a return to shooting this season, there was a field of four in the Ladies Recurve with Sarah Kennedy and Barbara Harris making up the numbers. An early miss by Tilly and some solid shooting by Harris put her in the lead until the halfway stage, after which Barbara seemed to lose focus and rack up the misses. Tilly shrugged off the miss to record the highest Recurve score of the day as she became Ladies Champion. Barbara just managed to hold off 12 year old/u14 Champion Erin Hainge for second place and Sarah came fourth.

If the sighters were anything to go by the Barebow title should have gone to Colin Moore but as soon as the arrows counted, he lost his reference point. Chris Crompton did the reverse and by the time Colin steadied it was all over. The other entrants, Stan Gorry and Pete Mumford, had a war of their own but were never in contention. Colin had the consolation of victory in the Tradbow beating Stan Gorry and Bill Callow respectively, while Bill took the Longbow title against Peter Howland in the afternoon session.

Results Club Championships: Gents Recurve 1.D.Cowin 59/486/8, 2.P.Howland 52/412/5. Gents Compound 1.R.Moore 60/574/34, 2.A.Westmorland 60/545/14, 3.C.Graves 59/527/10, 4.B.Gough 59/520/5, 5.D.Moore 57/516/15. Ladies Compound 1.A.George 60/549/16, 2.J.Gough 60/531/8. Ladies Recurve 1.T.Ashton 59/507/13, 2.B.Harris 54/460/11, 3.E.Hainge 53/449/11, 4.S.Kennedy 56/435/4. Barebow 1.C.Crompton 60/454/8, 2.C.Moore 60/416/4, 3.P.Mumford 58/398/5, 4.S.Gorry 59/360/2. Tradbow 1.C.Moore 60/356/5, 2.S.Gorry 53/329/4, 3.B.Callow 57/307/0. Longbow 1.B.Callow 57/274/0, 2.P.Howland 32/157/1.