Club Report 19th December 2021

The final shoot of 2021 was well attended with 17 archers taking on the WA 18 round of the day, two having a go at the Club speciality – The Rhubarb, and one making her debut shooting a Portsmouth.

The Gents Compound division saw most of the usual suspects taking to the shooting line: Pete Mumford, John Angiolini, Rhys Moore, Cliff Graves and Colin Moore, with usual result of victory for Rhys. Pete Mumford had a slow start with a 6 and a 7 in the mix which dented his score. He recovered to shoot solidly for the rest of the round, but he would be the first to admit that he had too many 9’s to mount a serious challenge to Rhys. Colin Moore looked odds on to take third place but a bouncer from Recurver Bod Boland shooting alongside him, seemed to distract Colin and he had a miss at the end of the second dozen. Colin recovered well in the third dozen but a further two misses in the last twelve arrows put paid to his chances and he had to settle for fourth behind Cliff Graves. John Angiolini brought up the rear.

It was very tight battle in the Ladies Compound, with Joy Gough shooting a full round for the first time in weeks, having been out of action with a shoulder injury, up against Rose Sandilands and Theresa Graves. Theresa had an off day and was never really in the mix. Joy and Rose however were neck and neck throughout the shoot, with Rose just nicking victory by a single point.

Apologies go to Peter Howland in the Gents Recurve whose name and score was left out of last weeks report. He was back in action again this week taking on Bod Boland. Bod was shooting with a clicker for the first time and his scoring was a little erratic. A couple of misses did nothing to aid his cause but they made little difference to the outcome as Peter took the win by a considerable margin.

Pete Mumford had a better time of it in the Gents Barebow of the afternoon session, taking the win over an out of form Stan Gorry.

Brother and sister Nathan and Eloise Kinrade were the only Juniors to attempt the round. Nathan doing particularly well until a sudden slump in the last dozen saw his round totals drop from mid- nineties to mid-seventies. Eloise was shooting the round for the first time and seemed to struggle with the small target face.

James Hill, home from university for Christmas, was joined by young Ollie Blockley in the Rhubarb. A hotly contested and, supposedly, fun shoot that is unique to the Club. Current standings have Dave Moore at the top of the leader board and Barbara Harris firmly at the bottom.

Also shooting was Sarah Kennedy, she shot her first ever Portsmouth and needs two more rounds to gain a handicap.

Results WA18: Gents Compound-1.R.Moore 60/566/30, 2.P.Mumford 60/553/18, 3.C.Graves 60/521/7, 4.C.Moore 57/504/9, 5.J.Angioline 58/495/4. Ladies Compound-1.R.Sandilands 60/542/8, 2.J.Gough 60/541/13, 3.T.Graves 58/481/3. Gents Recurve- 1.P.Howland 60/444/6, 2.B.Boland 58/369/3. Gents Barebow- 1.P.Mumford 60/433/6, 2.S.Gorry 58/371. Junior Gents Recurve- N.Kinrade 59/449/4. Junior Ladies Recurve- E.Kinrade 34/165/0. Portsmouth- S.Kennedy 60/399/5.