Club Report 5th December 2021

Sunday’s round was a WA18, three spot for Compounds and single faces for Recurve. Mindful of the new guidelines in light of the Omicron Covid variant, archers wore masks at all times except on the shooting line and all the left-handed archers were kept to one side of the hall so that no-one was shooting face to face.

The morning got off to a slow start thanks to Bod Boland turning up with brand new kit and no sight marks. The new equipment needed to be adjusted and after managing the sighters Bod missed with his first three arrows and further adjustments had to be made. As no other Gents turned up in the Recurve division Bod won by default anyway.

Rhys Moore once again proved to be in a league of his own in the Gents Compound division, finishing 26 points ahead of his nearest rival Pete Mumford. Pete had a miss in the second dozen which put a dent in his score but had no effect on the outcome. Andrew Westmorland managed to put two arrows into the same target face in the fourth dozen and so lost the score of the highest arrow. This mistake cost Westy third place as, the ever improving, Colin Moore kept everything on target to finish 2 points ahead of him and take the last place on the podium. Recently joined Club member John Angiolini finished in fifth.

It was nice to see two ladies shooting in the Compound division as Rose Sandilands went head to head with Theresa Graves. Rose, recent medal winner at the Scottish Indoor Championships, took the win by a comfortable margin of 14 points.

Stan Gorry shooting in the morning session was unaware of the level of his victory over Pete Mumford who switched discipline in the afternoon to give him some competition in the Gents Barebow. Pete added to his miss in the morning’s Compound round by having a further three misses during the afternoon. Stan, who kept all arrows on target, finished an impressive 42 points ahead of Pete to claim victory.

The story of the week, however, was provided by Nathan Kinrade who travelled off island to the Junior National Indoor Championships at Stoneleigh. The day got off to a traumatic start as a police incident at the hotel kept everyone in their rooms until the police deemed it was safe. In spite of this Nathan finished 10th in the u16’s Recurve and 21st overall with a score of 532 (19 Golds).

Results: WA18-Gents Recurve – B.Boland 37/176/1. Gents Compound-1.R.Moore 60/572/33, 2.P.Mumford 59/546/17, 3.C.Moore 60/525/6, 4.A.Westmorland 59/523/10, 5.J.Angiolini 60/510/6. Ladies Compound-1.R.Sandilands 60/534/9, 2.T.Graves 60/520/6. Gents Barebow-1.S.Gorry 60/410/4, 2.P.Mumford 57/368/1.