Club Report 24th Oct 2021

The IOM Archery Club competition at The Hub, Onchan on Sunday was a Portsmouth Round which was being shot as part of the Handicap League. This comprises of 60 arrows shot from a distance of 20 yds at a 60cm target face with the compound archers shooting at a vertical three-spot version of the same target. The usual suspects turned up for the competition with the exception of the Records Officer, Barbara Harris, who was taking a well-earned sojourn visiting family across in the UK. With Dave Moore electing to shoot his barebow on Sunday, the Gents Compound class was a straight contest between Rhys Moore and Peter Mumford. Rhys was running in his new carbon arrows for the first time and they were obviously up to the job as he lead from the first dozen to take the win from Peter by five points. Again there were only two contenders in the Gents Recurve division and this time Peter Howland, took the honours over Ralf Mitchell by a considerable margin, although Ralf did have one momentous end of 54 points when he was heard to comment that this was his best ever end in competition. He only needs to repeat that level of shooting now through the whole round to come out victorious. Sadly there was no competition in the Ladies Compound this week as Joy Gough retired at half time with a niggle in her shoulder and Theresa Graves was away on holiday. The main class competition of the day was the Gents Barebow. This is becoming an ever more popular division at the Club this year. A total of five archers took part, four in the morning session, and Peter Mumford switching bows in the afternoon session. Dave Moore sustained an unfortunate miss which put paid to his chances, and Stan Gorry and Colin Moore had their usual shoot off with Colin taking the win over Stan this week by just seven points. The overall winner in this class was seasoned barebow archer Chris Crompton although he only beat Peter by nine points in the end. There was a very quiet afternoon session with only three juniors shooting. Nathan Kinrade and Jacob Brookes competed with their usual camaraderie and newcomer to indoor competition, Eloise Kinrade, shot her first Portsmouth round towards her handicap. Nathan showed that the recent lack of competition had not affected his form and took the win over Jacob by seventeen points. All these scores are of course scratch scores, and when the Records Officers returns they will be adjusted to handicap for inclusion in the Handicap League

Scores: Gents Recurve: Peter Howland 60/502/11, Ralf Mitchell 60/440/8 Gents Compound: Rhys Moore 60/570/31, Peter Mumford 60/565/26 Gents Barebow: Chris Crompton 60/502/10, Peter Mumford 60/493/10, Colin Moore 60/459/8, Stan Gorry 60/452/6, Dave Moore 59/433/5 Junior Gents Recurve: Nathan Kinrade 60/541/22, Jacob Brookes 59/524/21. Junior Ladies Recurve: Eloise Kinrade 47/250/1