Club Report 21st February 2021

With the Junior Championships just a week away, Sunday was the last chance the younger club members had to practice a full round. To that end the Juniors shot a Portsmouth round. The Seniors were lumbered with a three-spot WA 18 round to give them one last chance to crack the most difficult of the Indoor rounds before their Championships take place on the 7th of March.

Nathan Kinrade and Jacob Brookes renewed their rivalry in the Junior Gents Recurve division in a contest that fairly even until the half way stage when Jacob had one poor end which saw him miss and drop a total of 20 points, which handed victory to Nathan. Jacob will no doubt be looking to reverse the outcome at the Junior Championships.

Ollie Blockley was back in action in the Junior Ladies Recurve and put in a decent score given the lack of practice caused by the latest lockdown.

It was a day of mixed fortunes for the Seniors with the efforts in the Gents Recurve looking somewhat pitiful. Simon Kenyon took the win over Peter Howland by virtue of having only six misses in comparison to Peter’s twenty. Both men will be looking to do better come the Championships.

Barbara Harris, while never catching fire, broke the 500 barrier and posted the highest Senior Recurve score of the day as usual.

Colin Moore switched from Compound to Barebow this week and indicated his intentions to compete in the Barebow Championship come March. Colin put in some impressive groupings, sadly none of these were in the centre of the target and he was annoyed not to record any Golds.

It was a four horse race in the Gents Compound between Pete Mumford, Dave Moore, Cliff Graves and Rhys Moore. Rhys led until the break after which he winged two arrows out into the 8 ring allowing Pete to overtake him. Rhys recovered to take a three point lead in to the fifth and final dozen but struggled to find the centre, while Pete finished strongly. It looked as though both men had identical scores but Rhys was quick to notice that his score had been added up incorrectly and Pete had inn fact beaten him by 1 point. Meanwhile Dave Moore and Cliff Graves were involved in a battle for third place. Dave was 11 points ahead of Cliff at the halfway stage, but a miss allowed Cliff to come back at him and take third place.

Lone Lady Compound Joy Gough was annoyed to find herself straying into the red too often, but she still posted a decent score.

Also in action were Sarah Sleddon and Johnathan Gordon who both shot Portsmouth rounds.

Results- Portsmouth: Junior Gents Recurve-1.N.Kinrade 60/514/11, 2.J.Brookes 59/497/9. Junior Ladies Recurve-O.Blockley 59/475/10. Ladies Recurve-S.Sleddon 58/416/7. Gents Recurve-J.Gordon 59/475/10pb. WA18 3 spot: Gents Recurve-1.S.Kenyon 54/447/6, 2.P.Howland 40/305/4. Ladies Recurve-B.Harris 60/512/10. Gents Compound-1.P.Mumford 60/563/24, 2.R.Moore 60/562/24, 3.C.Graves 60/539/12, D.Moore 59/537/15. Ladies Compound-J.Gough 60/537/16. Gents Barebow-C.Moore 60/377/0.