Club Report 14th February 2021

It may have been Valentine’s Day but ten Club members preferred to play Cupid in a more practical sense by pinging arrows at targets rather than hearts. The round of the day was the dreaded WA 18 – triple face for Compound, single face for Recurve but, mindful of the approaching Club Championships which utilize the triple face, a couple of Recurvers took on the three-spot.

The Gents Compound was a close-run affair between Pete Mumford and Andrew Westmorland who was making his first appearance this year. Andrew made the better start and was ahead most of the way until fatigue hit in the last dozen which allowed Pete to come back and level the score. Having hit more golds than Andrew, Pete was in poll position, but the afternoon session brought two more archers into the mix – Dave Moore and Cliff Graves. Dave made a good start and going into the last dozen it looked as though he might produce the same score as Pete and Andrew but a miss late on put him out of contention. The Records Officer was ready to congratulate Pete on a victory by the narrowest of margins before she realised that Cliff Graves had quietly been building a lead over the others during the course of the afternoon and had taken the win by a clear 7 points.

Joy Gough shot well for the majority of the round, but one poor end put a dent in her score and ruined an otherwise promising performance.

On the Recurve side of things Barbara Harris found the morning to be a grind but somehow managed to produce the highest recurve score of the day and was indeed the only archer in that division to break 500. James Hill (u18 Gents) should have outshot Harris but lack of practice took its toll and three misses in the second half of the shoot cost him dearly. James’ maths proved to be as erratic as his shooting and he scored 14 points fewer than he thought he had. Both James and Barbara elected to shoot the triple face target. This left Peter Howland, Simon Kenyon and Ralf Mitchell in a shoot out on the larger single face target. Simon Kenyon led from start to finish, in what proved to be a low scoring encounter, but it was a close contest for second place. Ralf had two misses in his first dozen but still managed to get within 5 points of Peter Howland who kept all of his arrows on target.  

Results WA 18: Gents Compound- 1.C.Graves 60/550/13, 2.P.Mumford 60/543/11, 3.A.Westmorland 60/543/8, 4.D.Moore 59/528/11. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 60/534/11. Ladies Recurve- B,Harris 60/505/9. Gents Recurve- 1.S.Kenyon 60/462/5, 2.P.Howland 60/379/1, 3.R.Mitchell 57/374/3. U18 Gents- J.Hill 58/486/13.