Club Report 1st March 2020

With the Club Championships fast approaching, numbers were up on Sunday morning, with some shooting three to a boss. The round of the day was a WA 18 shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League. Recurves and Juniors were on the larger single face, with Compounds on the smaller three spot target.

With lambing season in full swing Rhys and Dave Moore were unavailable, which left Pete Mumford, Colin Moore and, new kid on the block, Andrew Westmorland to fight it out in the Gents Compound. Colin struggled to find any consistency over the first two dozen, hitting the centre only once and recording a miss into the bargain. He seemed to have ironed out his problems in the third dozen, but then struggled again over the last two. It was a bad day at the office, and he was glad when the ordeal was over. Pete Mumford, while leading from start to finish, shot adequately but unspectacularly. Pete didn’t hit a 10 until his tenth arrow, a rare occurrence for him, and it was his lowest scoring win of the season. Andrew Westmorland, shooting his compound bow for only the second time, was clearly enjoying himself. The challenge of the new bow was obviously to his liking and he put in a competitive score to take second place. If Andrew continues to apply himself in this fashion, next Indoor season might see a changing of the guard in the Compound division.

Lone Lady Compound, Joy Gough felt that the morning was hard work, with only about one arrow in ten feeling right. Her score was not up to her usual standard but as she said, it’s all practice.

It was good to see Greg Altham back on the shooting line in the Gents Recurve, and it was bad luck that he made his return when the round of the day was the hated WA 18. Joining him were Simon Kenyon and Peter Howland. Peter didn’t seem happy with his performance, but he had added 4 points to his pb and appeared to have taken the win by 1 point from Simon with Greg in third. However, when the Records Officer checked the score cards, Greg’s score was incorrect and once it had been rectified, he went from third place to first.

Greg was not the only person to sign for an incorrect score card, Kristan Joughin had another 11 points added to her total in the Ladies Recurve, which meant that she had added an impressive 67 points to her pb for the round. Barbara Harris elected to shoot the three spot target face in the hopes that it would focus her mind. Still recovering from a recent illness, Barbara never really felt comfortable during the shoot and managed to put one of her last arrows wide of the target. The fact that Barbara added 3 points to her pb did not seem to cheer her up in the least.

Barebow archer Chris Crompton seems to improve with each shoot. On Sunday he added 11 points to his pb and fell just 3 points short of the Club Record set by Alan Munro back in the mists of time.

It was a straight head to head in the Junior Gents Recurve between Toby Young and James Hill. James managed to add three points to his pb for the round but had to settle for second place, as Toby put in a season’s best score to take the win.

Also shooting were Alex Allen-Snell and Sarah and Caoimhe Sleddon. Alex used Sunday to catch up on a Vegas round he needed for the Scratch League and managed to add 1 point to his pb in the process. The Sleddons both shot a Portsmouth round. Sarah was shooting on Sunday for the first time and recorded a decent benchmark score of 58/442/6. It was lovely to see Caoimhe back in action again, a mainstay of Club nights, Caoimhe had not shot a Sunday round since she took a Trophy in last year’s Junior Championships. She marked her return by adding 55 points to her pb to record a score of 58/380/2.

Results WA 18 Scratch: Gents Compound- 1.P.Mumford 60/554/15, 2.A.Westmorland 60/534/8pb, 3.C.Moore 59/509/6. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 60/532/12. Gents Recurve- 1.G.Altham 59/446/8, 2.P.Howland 59/422/8pb, 3.S.Kenyon 57/421/10. Ladies Recurve- 1.Barbara Harris 59/526/16pb, 2.K.Joughin 60/404/4pb. Gents Barebow- C.Crompton 60/484/8pb. Junior Gents Recurve- 1.T.Young 60/508/17, 2.J.Hill 59/487/13pb.