Club Report – 22nd January 2017

There was a huge turn-out at Onchan on Sunday as the archers once again put up with the intense cold inside the hall while the refurbishment continues. The round of the day was a Worcester shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League. Apart from the cold the shooting was interrupted by a mobile phone going off which reduced the line to fits of laughter.

As far as scratch scores were concerned, Josh Trafford once again recorded the highest total in the Gents Recurve. In the Gents Compound, Rhys Moore dropped a point in the first end of competition. This left the door open for Pete Mumford and Dave Moore and both men shot like clockwork until Dave dropped a point in the second last end. He then dropped another point in the end. Pete Mumford looked to be heading for a perfect score and taking the Scratch only to drop two points in two arrows and hand the honours back to Rhys.

David Smith, who gained his handicap rating last week, shot a Worcester for the first time and although he recorded a number of misses his total after the handicap was applied was enough for him to take his first win at the Club.

Nathan Kinrade, who shot with new arrows last week, was shooting with a clicker for the first time. The clicker is a shooting aid which helps make the draw more consistent. It often take weeks for an archer to get used to the addition but Nathan had no trouble, shooting a pb and finishing in second place overall. Joseph Reaney was also in fine form recording a personal best score for the round and taking the last place on the podium.

Tilly Ahston was also in action at the weekend and backed up the pb she shot last week with another one this weekend.

Results Worcester Handicap – 1. D.Smith 1468 (50/148/10)pb, 2. N.Kinrade 1465 (52/157/3)pb, 3. J.Reaney 1461 (60/255/22)pb, 4. D.Daughtery 1452 (59/285/49)pb, 5. M.Elliott 1449 (60/256/25), 6. A.Pannell-Cottier 1448 (57/198/6)pb, 7. T.Ashton 1442 (60/220/14)pb, 8. R.Moore 1439 (60/299/59), 9. D.Moore 1438 (60/298/58), =9. P.Mumford 1438 (60/298/58),  11. D.Cowin 1435 (60/276/38), =11. J.Trafford 1435 (60/284/44), 13. C.Moore 1433 (60/223/20), 14. J.Gough 1431 (60/289/49), =14. T.Young 1431 (60/255/23), 16. J.Brookes 1428 (58/157/9), =16 1428 (60/247/22), 18. L.Sleight 1412 (49/219/14), 19. T.Hartley 1367 (56/208/15).

S. Krakovska was also shooting for the first time – 52/151/3pb.