Club Report – 15th Jan 2017

There was an excellent turnout at Onchan on Sunday. The round of the day was a WA18 (Compound on a triple face/Recurves on single face) shot as part of the Club’s Scratch League.

The Gents Compound had only three contestants, Rhys Moore, Pete Mumford and Dave Daugherty. Dave converted to Compound in December without the Records Officer noticing and is consequently owed an apology for having his results listed in the wrong place. Dave put in a solid score but had to settle third place behind Pete Mumford, with Rhys taking top spot.

In the Gents Recurve newcomers Jim Rawson and David Smith, both elected to shoot a Portsmouth round, with Jim taking the win adding 5 points to his pb in the process. David Smith added 10 points to his pb for the round and has now completed three shoots which means he has a handicap for future competitions.

This left Josh Trafford and Danny Cowin in a face-off in the WA18 round. Josh, though struggling with his contact lenses and shooting on a triple face target, led from start to finish to take top spot on the podium.

Denyse Hill, back from a shoulder injury that curtailed her Outdoor season and prevented her from shooting thus far Indoors, joined Charlotte and Barbara Harris in the Ladies Recurve. Denyse shot well after the long lay-off and was pleased with her performance. Barbara Harris had another bad day at the office. Charlotte Harris however, had a good day breaking 500 on the single face for the first time and taking the win.

Lesley Sleight and Tony Hartley were in action with their Traditional bows , while Colin Moore shot Barebow.

The Junior Gents division had the largest field of the day with Joseph Reaney, Nathan Kinrade, Aaron Pannel-Cottier and Toby Young vying for the honours. Toby Young was in fine form adding 41 points to his pb for the round and taking the win by a comfortable margin. Joseph Reaney struggled for consistency, with some excellent arrows followed up by some he would rather forget. His final score was good enough for second place ahead of Aaron Pannell-Cottier. Nathan Kinrade was shooting with new arrows which completely threw off his sight marks. This contributed to his having a number of misses and forced him down into fourth. Newcomer Blayne Hill shot a Portsmouth round.

Tilly Ashton showed terrific form in the Junior Ladies division which saw her break 400 for the first time. Tilly took her time on the line and was rewarded with some tight groupings and an excellent score on a target face that most archers hate.

Results – WA18 – Gents Compound – 1. R.Moore 60/572/32, 2. P.Mumford 60/563/25, 3. D.Daugherty 60/531/9. Ladies Compound – Joy Gough 60/522/5. Gents Recurve – 1. J.Trafford 60/541/23, 2. D.Cowin 60/523/14. Ladies Recurve – 1. C.Harris 60/516/14pb, 2. B.Harris 60/449/8, 3. D.Hill 60/404/3. Junior Gents Recurve – 1. T.Young 60/524/16pb, 2. J.Reaney 60/441/6, 3. A.Pannell-Cottier 60/385/7, 4. N.Kinrade 44/229/2. Junior Ladies Recurve – Tilly Ashton 60/422/4. Ladies Trad Bow – L.Sleight 60/397/7. Gents Trad Bow – T.Hartley 59/408/3. Gents Barebow – C.Moore 60/452/7. Portsmouth – Gents Recurve – 1. J.Rawson 59/410/2pb, 2. D.Smith 58/363/6pb. Junior Gents – B.Hill 52/260/0pb.