Club Report 26th February 2023

The main event of the weekend took place off island as seven members of the Club travelled to Preston for the Lancashire Open. The competition acted as a showcase for the breadth and depth of talent the Club has as archers took part in Recurve, Compound and Barebow divisions both male and female, across various age groups.

The results were impressive. Erin Hainge became the u14’s Visiting Ladies Recurve Champion, Brandon Gough the u16’s Visiting Gents Compound Champion with a personal best score of 60/544/10, and Nathan Kinrade took the u18’s Visiting Gents Recurve Championship. On the Senior side of things Chris Crompton lifted the Visiting Gents Barebow Trophy and Joy Gough became the Visiting Ladies Compound Champion.

Pete Mumford took part in his first ever off island Barebow competition having switched from Compound and gained valuable experience. Peter Howland took part in the Gents Recurve. James Hill who is at University in Lancashire met up with his Club mates in the afternoon session after competing for his University team in Stirling, Scotland the day before.

On home soil the round of the day was supposed to be a WA18, but the records Officer was largely ignored and a variety of rounds were shot. The Compounds – Rhys Moore, Andrew Westmorland and Aalin George talkled a Vegas, Kristen Joughin (Recurve) and Ralf Mitchell (Tradbow) shot a Portsmouth, which left only Colin Moore (Barebow) and Recurves David Craine, Sarah Kennedy and Barbara Harris to do the WA18.

Rhys continued his unbeaten run in the Compound. Aalin, after struggling with a back tension release, switch to a trigger and easily outgunned Andy Westmorland who had to settle for third.

Colin Moore put in a consistent round and looks good ahead of the Club Championships in March. Barbara Harris had gone back to basics and back to her old bow on Sunday. It took her a little while to dial in the sights but she was more concerned with form rather then scores. David Craine unfortunately messed up both Sarah Kennedy’s and his own scoresheet to the point where they were undecipherable. The Records Officer was unable to accept David’s totals but Sarah had been using an Archery app on her phone to log her score which was acceptable and proved that she had taken the win over Barbara.

Kristen Joughin staked out her favourite quiet corner and enjoyed herself out of the way, while Ralf Mitchell continued his archery journey in his own inimitable style.

Results: Vegas – 1.R.Moore 60/568/29, 2.A.George 60/554/17, 3.A.Westmorland 60/535/9. WA18 Barebow – C. Moore 60/442/8. Recurve – 1.S.Kennedy 60/467/8, 2.B.Harris 59/464/8. Portsmouth – Tradbow – R.Mitchell 56/270/2. Recurve – K.Joughin 60/494/11.