Club Report 12th February 2023

It was Portsmouth time again at Onchan on Sunday. A decent number of archers turned up over the course of the day to try their hand and a range of bow styles were on display.

Ralf Mitchell elected to use his Black Douglas again, which was mistakenly designated as a Barebow in the previous week’s report but is in fact a Tradbow. This put him up against Colin Moore, a resurgent Stan Gorry, and the ever impressive Bill Callow. Bill as usual took the win but it was good to see Stan back on form after a change in technique saw his scores plummet. Colin never seemed to get into his stride but his score was still good enough to put Ralf bottom of the table.

Pete Mumford, after sampling the Records Officer’s homemade Jaffa cakes recorded a pb in the Gents Barebow. There was some doubt as to whether the Jaffa cakes were actually performance enhancing but junior Erin Hainge also shot a pb after eating one in the afternoon session on her way to victory over Eloise Kinrade.

Danny Cowin finally seems to have his bow set up to his liking and not even the use of a new finger tab (which knocked out his sight marks) could prevent him taking victory in the Gents Recurve. Peter Howland slotted into second place and David Craine came third.

Barbara Harris, electing to shoot a three spot Portsmouth, put in a competent performance in the Ladies recurve.

Rhys Moore was in terrific form in the Gents Compound dropping just 16 points over the course of the morning. He finished 20 points ahead of Dave Moore, with Cliff Graves bringing up the rear a further 8 points down.

Joy Gough enjoyed a private battle against grandson Brandon in the remaining Compound divisions, finishing 12 ahead of him in their unofficial competition.

Nathan Kinrade put in the highest Recurve score of the day in the Junior Gents division which will give the Seniors something to think about ahead of next month’s Club Championships.

Results Portsmouth: Gents Tradbow- 1.B.Callow 60/452/6, 2.S.Gorry 60/394/4, 3.C.Moore 48/227/1, 4.R.Mitchell 46/200/0. Gents Barebow- P.Mumford 60/488/10pb. Gents Recurve- 1.D.Cowin 60/517/19, 2.P.Howland 60/500/11, 3.D.Craine 60/454/3. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 60/536/18. Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 60/586/46, 2.D.Moore 60/564/28, 3.C.Graves 60/556/20. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 60/547/11. Junior Gents Compound- B.Gough 60/535/5. Junior Ladies Recurve- 1.E.Hainge 60/542/18pb, 2.E.Kinrade 59/403/5. Junior Gents Recurve- N.Kinrade 60/547/22.