Club Report 16th October 2022

It was Worcester time on Sunday. An unusual round with arrows shot in groups of five, on a black and white target with zones scoring from 5 down to 1 – maximum score of 300. The target face is exactly the same size as the WA 18 which gives everyone so much trouble, the archers stand slightly further away and yet many Club members find it boringly easy.

Strictly speaking the Gents Recurve division was a three-way match between Peter Howland, David Craine and Danny Cowin but once again Junior Gent Nathan Kinraide showed them how to do it by recording the highest Recurve score of the day. Still as far as the Seniors were concerned it was a one-sided affair, with Danny Cowin leading from start to finish. A miss by Peter Howland early on made no difference to the overall placings as, for once, Danny was the model of consistency. David Craine, whenever the Records Officer was looking, appeared to be peppering the centre of the target. Obviously, she wasn’t looking often enough as David failed to break 200 and had to settle for third place.

For once Joy Gough had some opposition in the Ladies Compound as Rose Sandilands made a welcome return. It was a close match but too many 4’s had Joy shaking her head, and Rose took the win by 5 points.

Barbara Harris continued to work her way back to form in the Ladies Recurve, though she was somewhat hindered in her endeavours by boss partner Danny Cowin whose ill-timed coughing made Barbara jump while at full draw and caused her to miss in the opening end. Even with the miss she outshot him, but Harris’ score was some 20 points below her best.

It was lovely to see John Angiolini in action again in the Gents Compound against Rhys and Dave Moore. Dave was hampered by an elbow niggle and had to settle for second. Rhys, who frequently max’s the score on the Worcester and finds the round intensely dull, was feeling the effects of his shenanigans of the night before and dropped 4 points over the course of the shoot. Rhys still won but as usual was unhappy with his score.

Erin Hainge put in another solid performance in the Junior Girls Recurve, notching up another personal best in the morning, and adding to the tally by continuing in the afternoon to shoot a double round.

The closest contest came in the Gents Barebow division with a straight head to head between Pete Mumford and Colin Moore. Coilin got off to a flying start and had a 16 point lead by half way. After the break Colin seemed to go off the boil a little while Pete hit a run of form. At the end of the round both men claimed the same score and it looked as though it would be decided on countback – highest number of Golds- in which case Pete had taken the win. Upon checking the scores later, the Records Officer discovered a discrepancy which made the countback unnecessary, as Colin had 2 points fewer than he thought and Pete had the outright victory.

Results Worcester: Gents Recurve- 1.D.Cowin 60/234/19, 2.P.Howland 59/222/14, 3.D.Craine 60/185/8pb. Junior Gents Recurve- N.Kinraide 60/268/36. Ladies Compound- 1.R.Sandilands 60/288/49, 2.J.Gough 60/283/43. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 59/260/28. Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 60/296/56, 2.D.Moore 60/288/48, 3.J.Angiolini 60/274/35. Junior Girls Recurve- E.Hainge 60/232/12. Gents Barebow – 1.P.Mumford 57/199/14, 2.C.Moore 58/197/6.