Club Report 16th January 2022

It was back to the torture of a Vegas round at Onchan on Sunday. The Vegas is the most difficult of all the Indoor rounds as the target comprises three small faces (scoring 10 down to 6 only) arranged in a triangle which must be shot in strict order – left, centre, right. It is easy to become disoriented and miss. Of the dozen or so archers who turned up only eight made the attempt, with varying degrees of success.

Rhys Moore once again led the way in the Gents Compound, with Pete Mumford coming in second and John Angiolini third. Rhys, who had been concentrating on his aiming, carried on shooting in the afternoon session with good effect by adding 4 points to his pb for the round.

Bod Boland elected to shoot a larger single face WA 18, so Peter Howland found himself unopposed in the Gents Recurve division. This was perhaps just as well as Peter seemed to suffer agonies as he tutted and sighed his way through a shoot that was littered with misses.

Joy Gough continued to be plagued by the shoulder injury she picked up at the end of last year. Joy started well, slumped in the middle dozen, recovered to finish strongly, but it was not enough to see off Rose Sandilands who notched up another victory.

Barbara Harris finally managed to find her way back to Onchan in, what has turned out to be, a sporadic Indoor season for her. The lack of practice was obvious from the start as she recorded a miss in the first three arrows she shot. However, she bounced back immediately, and it began to look as though she had never been gone. That is until the last arrow of the third dozen when Barbara simply hit the wall. Archery muscles are only used for archery and despite Barbara’s overall fitness lack of bow time took its toll. She began to stray out of the centre and another miss put paid to any chance of breaking thee 500 barrier. Barbara being slightly more stubborn than your average mule forced herself to finish and had the satisfaction of recording the highest Vegas Recurve score of the day.

Stan Gorry and Pete Mumford both attempted the Vegas Barebow. Pete breaking in his new bow with a victory over Stan. Stan had a nightmare of a shoot, unable to understand what he was doing wrong. It was not until he was nearing the end of the session that Stan noticed his arrow rest was bent and consequently his arrows were not being launched properly.

Jacob Brookes shot the Junior round of the day – the Portsmouth three spot and easily broke 500.

Results Vegas: Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 60/562/25, 2.P.Mumford 60/551/18, 3.J.Angiolini 60/513/4. Ladies Compound- 1.R.Sandilands 60/543/10, 2.J.Gough 60/528/13. Gents Recurve- P.Howland 50/412/4. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 58/496/12. Gents Barebow- 1.P.Mumford 38/264/0, 2.S.Gorry 31/239/2. Junior Gents Portsmouth- J.Brookes 60/516/15.