Club Report 2nd May 2021

It was obvious from last week’s shoot that the latest lockdown had taken a heavy toll on everyone’s form and fitness. The Records Officer took the unusual decision to schedule a Short Metric round (50 & 30m) in the hope that the less fatiguing shorter distances would allow the archers to get back up to speed.

Cliff Graves joined Dave Moore and Pete Mumford on the shooting line for the Gents Compound. It was fairly even between Dave and Pete until Pete hit a slew of 7’s and 6’s which allowed Dave Moore to take a 14 point lead into the second distance. Pete did not help his cause when a momentary lapse in concentration saw him shoot seven arrows instead of six (doing a Mumford as it is known in the Club), forcing him to discount his highest scoring arrow. A few ends later he very nearly did a ‘double Mumford’ – (only shooting five arrows), fortunately he noticed his mistake and hurried back to the shooting line to loose his sixth arrow under the withering glare of the Records Officer. Dave Moore, who knew he had victory in the bag, thoroughly enjoyed Pete’s discomfort and was even more amused when Pete set off down the field to pull arrows without the scoreboard and had to do the walk of shame back to get it. Cliff Graves put in a solid round but had to settle for third place.

For once Joy Gough had some opposition in the Ladies Compound division in the form of Theresa Graves who managed to complete her first round for three years. Joy had one miss but took the win by a clear 200 points.

In the Gents Recurve Peter Howland added 31 points to his pb but finished a long way behind the winner Alex Snell. Normal service was resumed as Barbara Harris put in the highest Recurve score of the day, but she was unhappy with her showing at 30m.

In the Junior divisions James Hill pb’d in the u18 Gents having never shot the Short Metric round before. Nathan Kinrade took victory over Jacob Brookes in the u16 Boys, while 12 year old Ollie Blockley shot up two age groups. Her score for the u18 Girls Short Metric II (40 & 30m) was not only a personal best but smashed the old Club Record by 51 points.

Results Short Metric: Gents Compound- 1.D.Moore 72/650/26/13, 2.P.Mumford 72/639/23/10, 3.C.Graves 72/610/16/4. Ladies Compound- 1.J.Gough 71/607/14/3, 2.T.Graves 55/407/2/2. Gents Recurve- 1.A.Snell 72/547/8/3, 2.P.Howland 66/409/16/4pb. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 72/563/5/1. U18 Gents- J.Hill 68/494/7/3pb. Short Metric II: U16 Boys 1.N.Kinrade 72/535/5/0, 2.J.Brookes 69/429/6/0. U14 Girls- O.Blockley 71/498/3/0 NCR, pb.