Club Report 1st September 2019

Once again, the weather proved to be a bit of a challenge at Greeba on Sunday. Gusting winds that hit just as the archers were at full draw, made life very difficult everyone concerned. The round of the day was scheduled to be a Metric 1 – 70/60/50 and 30m, but as conditions worsened and an amber weather warning was issued, the afternoon session was abandoned, and the results were based upon the two longest distances only. This being a handicap round the scratch scores were adjusted using the fiendish set of tables the Records Officer keeps for the purpose.

Only six archers braved the conditions: Pete Mumford, Joy Gough, Dave Moore, Rhys Moore, Ralf Mitchell and guest Andy Bishop. Pete Mumford made light of the conditions, getting within 1 point of his pb for the round, but in scratch terms had to settle for third place. After the handicap was applied Pete found himself at the bottom of the leader board. Rhys Moore was nowhere near his best but still managed to take the scratch honours by a large margin and was runner up after handicapping. Dave Moore managed to add 15 points to his pb which was good enough for third place after the handicap was applied. Joy Gough managed to keep all her arrows on target but for once did not have a single X10 on her scoresheet.

On the Recurve side of things Andy Bishop of Droitwich Archers easily took scratch honours but could not be included in the handicap. Ralf Mitchell, who seems to have the same ratio of hits and misses whatever the conditions, fell a bit short of his pb for the round but shot well up to his handicap to take the overall win. An enthusiastic archer, Ralf at one point set off to collect his arrows before the second line had shot. This puppyish behaviour was probably due to the absence of the Records Officer who generally keeps Mr Mitchell on a tight lease.

The handicap tables are designed to allow all bow types, ages and genders to shoot against one another on a level playing field. An archer who shoots to his/her handicap will have an adjusted score of 1440 no matter which round is shot. A score above or below this gives an indication of how well an archer has done.

Results Long Metric 1 Handicap- 1.Ralf Mitchell 1445 (55/294/5/1), 2.Rhys Moore 1408 (72/644/22/8), 3.Dave Moore 1407 (72/619/17/5)pb, 4.Joy Gough 1405 (72/584/10/0), 5.Pete Mumford 1387 (72/603/10/5). Also shooting Andy Bishop – 71/443/3/0.