Club Report 9th December 2018

The round of the day was a Worcester- 60 arrows shot in groups of 5, scoring 5 down to one, giving a 300 point maximum score. Sunday’s Worcester was shot as part of the Club’s Handicap League but there was the usual fierce contest for the highest scratch score.

Compound archers were a little thin on the ground with Billy Lightfoot painting a living room green in Port St Mary, and Rhys Moore painting the town red in Dubin. Colin Moore, Pete Mumford and Dave Moore all hoped to make the maximum score, but as it was each man put his first arrow into the 4 zone and some pithy Anglo-Saxon comments echoed round the hall. Pete Mumford had the best of the shoot dropping only another 2 points over the morning to take scratch honours and fourth place overall. Colin Moore put in another solid round to come second in scratch terms but had to settle for sixth after handicapping.  Compound archers shoot Worcesters on five-spot target faces – one arrow to each spot. If two arrows go into one spot the highest of the two arrows is discounted and recorded as a miss. Unfortunately, Dave Moore did just that after the break and followed it up with a clean miss 50 arrows in. Lone lady Compound Joy Gough was not happy with her performance as she dropped out of the centre too many times, but she cheered up significantly when she realized she had outshot Dave Moore.

On the Recurve side of things Ralf Mitchell struggled with the concept of shooting five arrows rather than the usual three. Once it was explained, slowly and clearly, he was able to continue his ‘archery journey’ as he calls it. Sunday’s excursion was, like the archer himself, a little erratic but he did manage to add 18 points to his pb for the round. A couple of misses put paid to Peter Howland’s chances of a pb but his score was good enough for third place after handicapping. Dave Berry’s habit of hitting 3’s put a dent into his score which was not helped by a miss just after the break. His sub par score put him in joint last place after the handicap was applied. Barbara Harris took the Recurve scratch honours but her overall position of ninth was indicative of her relatively poor shooting. Barebow archer Chris Crompton, shooting the Worcester for the first time, struggled to get a sight picture and joined Dave Berry in last place.

Five junior archers also took part with varying degrees of success. James Hill made life difficult for himself by electing to shoot a five-spot target face, and the eleven misses he had mirrored his final placing. Toby Young took the junior scratch honours but found himself down in tenth place after handicapping. Lily Priestnal took a little while to get going, and a fit of the giggles later on did her no favours. Nathan Kinrade added 15 points to his pb but had to settle for second place. The day belonged to Tilly Ashton however, her methodical approach helped her to add 8 points to her pb and take the overall win.

Results Worcester Handicap: 1.T.Ashton 1453 (60/250/25)pb, 2.N.Kinrade 1451 (58/206/11)pb, 3.P.Howland 1446 (58/224/15), 4.P.Mumford 1437 (60/297/57), 5.L.Priestnal (54/190/15), 6.C.Moore 1433 (60/292/52), =6.R.Mitchell 1433 (59/195/9)pb, 8.J.Gough (60/287/47), 9.B.Harris 1424 (60/259/27), 10.T.Young 1420 (60/253/25), 11.D.Moore 1419 (58/279/47), =11.J.Hill 1419 (49/226/30), 13.D.Berry 1415 (59/237/19), =13.C.Crompton 1415 (58/175/6)pb.