Isle of Man Archery Club Indoor Championships 2018

The IoMAC Championships took place at Onchan on Sunday with an excellent turnout and largest array of bow styles seen at the Club in decades. The round of the day was a WA18 triple face target for the Senior Compound and Recurve, a WA18 single face for all other bow styles and a Portsmouth for the Junior Club Members. For the first time participation was by entry form only, with shooting positions drawn by lot and a target list issued prior to the Championships. The shoot was conducted under strict time rules – 2 minutes per three arrows.

The largest field of the day was provided by the Gents Recurve division, with seven archers going for glory. David Hicks, Greg Altham, Peter Howland and James Aldridge were taking part for the first time, while Danny Cowin, Dave Berry and David Smith had seen it all before. It was obvious from the start that the fight for the trophy would be between Dave Berry and defending champion Danny Cowin. Danny got off to a blistering start with a first dozen total of 113 and looked odds on to break the Club Record. Danny then sent one of his next arrows wide of the mark; he recovered well but he seemed a little unsettled from that point on although he did post a season’s best score. Danny’s miss gave Dave Berry hope, but he was never closer than 7 points behind Cowin and Danny easily retained his title. New Club member Greg Altham staked out third place with a tidy shoot that was only marred by three misses in his last dozen arrows. David Hicks recorded a string of misses before finding his range which not only saw him finish fourth but allowed him to pick up the Senior Handicap Trophy. James Aldridge put in a decent benchmark score to secure fifth place. David Smith was no where near his best and finished just ahead of Peter Howland who never found his range and struggled throughout.

Joy Gough once again found herself alone in the Ladies Compound division but, in spite of a lack of competition, Joy remained focused and set a new pb for the round to retain the Trophy in style.

Also shooting in the morning session were Stan Gorry (Trad bow), Colin Moore (Bare bow) and Graham Makepeace-Warne (Long bow). As each man was the only entrant in their respective discipline, they all went home champions.

Barbara Harris had some company in the Ladies Recurve this year, with newcomer Jane Berry bravely taking on the challenge of the WA18 three spot in what was only her third ever Sunday competition. Initially disappointed with her efforts, Jane had in fact shot well above her handicap and posted an admirable score for her first attempt. Harris started well but seemed distracted and three misses in the second half meant that failed even to break 500. She took little joy from her victory.

The Gents Compound saw the usual line up of Pete Mumford and Dave and Rhys Moore. The Indoor Compound Trophy had so far eluded Rhys and he was hoping to add it to his collection. Defending champion Dave Moore was aiming to stop him and Pete Mumford was hoping to scupper them both. Shooting alongside the juniors in the afternoon session, Rhys Moore was a little disconcerted at being politely upbraided by one of the Junior girls for making an irritating clicking noise. Rhys retired to the shooting line looking rather like a startled giraffe who had been told off by an ant he was about to step on. It did not seem to affect his performance, as Rhys had a 1 point lead after the first dozen. Reigning champion Dave Moore found himself in third place behind Pete Mumford and the contest looked likely to be a close one. At the end of the second dozen all three were tied on the same score. By the end of the third Dave Moore found himself 1 point down on Pete and Rhys who were still tied. It was at this point that things began to change. Pete Mumford lost the middle of the target and the string of 9’s he put in effectively ended his challenge. Rhys put in his highest dozen total of the day only be out shot by an inspired Dave Moore who took a 1 point lead going into the final dozen. Rhys fought back and when the dust had settled found himself once again tied with his father for first place. In the event of a tie the result it decided by number of Golds scored – Rhys had 24 Golds and Dave had 26, which meant that he retained the Trophy and Rhys will have to wait another twelve months before he can get his hands on it.

The Junior Championships also enjoyed a good turnout with Lily Priestnal and Bethany Aldridge making their first appearance at the Championships. They lined up alongside Jacob Brookes, James Hill, Toby Young, Nathan Kinrade and Tilly Ashton. Toby Young has been in a different league this year and it was of little surprise that he took the Junior Gents Trophy by a considerable margin. However James Hill was delighted to add 2 points to his pb for the round and take second place ahead of Jacob Brookes in third and Nathan Kinrade in fourth. Jacob Brookes score, while being a little down on his best, nevertheless secured him the u13’s Trophy. Tilly Ashton put her greater experience to good use to add 9 points to her pb and lift the Junior Ladies Trophy again. Lily was third and Bethany Aldridge who added 12 points to her pb was third. Lily Priestnal’s score was not only good enough to take the u11’s title but also secured the Junior Handicap Trophy as well.

Results IoMAC Championships – Gents Recurve – 1.D.Cowin 59/529/18, 2.D.Berry 60/517/9, 3.G.Altham 57/473/7, 4.D.Hicks 47/381/10pb, 5.J.Aldridge 45/337/1pb, 6.D.Smith 31/199/1, 7.P.Howland 25/175/1pb. Ladies Compound – J.Gough 60/556/20pb. Gents Trad Bow – S.Gorry 48/254/2. Gents Bare bow – C.Moore 60/435/4. Gents Long bow – G.Makepeace-Warne 45/240/1. Ladies Recurve – 1.B.Harris 57/489/14, 2.J.Berry 44/339/4pb. Junior Gents Recurve 1.T.Young 60/547/23, 2.J.Hill 60/513/12pb, 3.J.Brookes 60/506/9(u13 Champ), 4.N.Kinrade 58/454/10. Junior Ladies Recurve – 1.T.Ashton 60/510/11pb, 2.LJ. Priestnal 55/366/2(u11 Champ), 3.B.Aldridge 50/274/1pb. Gents Compound – 1. D.Moore 60/563/26, 2. R.Moore 60/563/24, 3. P. Mumford 60/554/16.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Pete Mumford and Dave Berry for the Timekeeping services over the course of the day.