Club Report 2nd/3rd December

The IoM Archery Club was in action both at home and abroad at the weekend. Seven club members travelled to England to take part in the National Indoor Championships at Stoneleigh; while a small but select band turned out at Onchan to shoot a round as part of the Club’s Handicap League.
Junior archers Tilly Ashton, Jacob Brookes and Toby Young (accompanied by parents Phil, Charli and Gill) were in action on Saturday morning shooting a Portsmouth round. Tilly had attended the Junior Indoor Nationals last year but for Jacob and Toby it was the first taste of competition at this level. The children were a credit to the Club and the Island as was to be expected and all three claimed top 20 places. Jacob Brookes came 12th in the u14 Boys, Toby Young came 17th in the u16 Boys and Tilly Ashton came 16th in the u14 Girls division. It was also Charli and Gill’s first experience of an archery road trip, and far from being put off by the early hours, long distance driving and cold conditions the ladies were keen to join their sons on future trips. Great to have such enthusiastic parents on board who didn’t mind mucking in with the squad and whose influence at the dinner table was greatly appreciated by the whole team. Thanks and a Happy Birthday shout to Head Coach Pete Mumford who came on the trip to mentor the children and act as bow technician for the group. 

The Senior competition was held on Sunday and consisted of a qualification round comprising a WA18 triple face target. The top 32 archers in each division then went through to head to head shoot offs to decide the medals. Dave Moore, Dave Berry, Barbara Harris and Rhys Moore were joined by fellow club member Ethan Moore (who is now based in southern England) with the Gents shooting in the first session and Harris shooting in the second. Unfortunately it was not the best of years for the team – Rhys finished the highest out of the club but no one made it through to the head to head rounds. Harris put in the worst performance she has ever had at a competition and Dave Berry struggled with the lighting conditions on his boss. Dave raised his spirits later in the evening by eating impressive quantities of ice cream sundaes although, for health reasons, he refused to be tempted by any carrot cake however often the subject was raised by his fellow club members.

Back home at Onchan five Club members turned up to shoot either a WA18 three spot or a Portsmouth round as part of the Club’s Handicap league. Joy Gough shot relatively poorly to start with but recovered after switching release aids. However Joy was pushed into last place after the handicap was applied. Lesley Sleight was again some way down on her best form with her Barebow Portsmouth and finished in fourth place after handicapping. Danny Cowin bookended his shoot with misses in the first and last dozen of his WA18 round but secured third place after the handicap was applied. Colin Moore put in another impressive Barebow performance but had to settle for second place after the handicap as junior club member Nathan Kinrade added a terrific 76 points to his pb for the Portsmouth round to take the overall win. 

Results Onchan Handicap –1.N.Kinrade 1495 (60/471/8)pb, 2.J.Hill 1451 (60/506/14), 3.C.Moore 1438 (60/503/13), 4.D.Cowin 1412 (58/502/17), 5.L.Sleight 1411 (60/489/12), 6.J.Gough 1410 (60/525/8)(60/525/8).

Thanks also to Matty Young, who had to come on the trip with his mum and older brother, for being so patient over the weekend.