Club Report – 30th July 2017

The holiday season took its toll on the number of archers left on Island to compete in the competitions on Sunday.  The weather was almost perfect with a very slight breeze but plenty of sunshine and the round of the day was a WA1440 (36 arrows shot at each distance of 90m, 70m, 50m, and 30m).  The three contenders in the compound division were Rhys Moore, Dave Moore and Peter Mumford.  In his normal relaxed style, Peter romped into an early lead being 7 points up at the end of the first distance, and managed to hold onto this lead at the end of the second distance dropping only one point to Rhys.  However Rhys then rallied round in the next distance having enjoyed a good lunch (and losing the effects of his Saturday night out).  By the end of the 50m Rhys was 17 points ahead with Peter second and Dave trailing in third place. Dave had a miss at the beginning of this distance so this did not help his result, but he realised very quickly that he was using the sight mark for his other bow (having recently changed equipment).  Rhys increased his lead over the final distance and finished 27 points in the lead at the end of the day.

The other two seniors shooting were Danny Cowin  (recurve) and Joy Gough (compound). With Joy’s usual target companion away on holiday, she elected to shoot the gents round and despite having to aim at the flag on the longest distance due to the limitations of her equipment, she managed to record a very respectable score for her first attempt at this longer round.  Danny, on the other hand, was disappointed in his performance and was glad when the day was over having recorded a score well below his best.

Three archers turned up for the afternoon session.  David Smith struggled at his longer distance having had little practice due to his attention being geared to his upcoming D of E Gold Award expedition.  He did shoot better at the 30m but a number of misses lowered his overall score.  Toby Young, back after his holiday, had a slow start but a storming finish to his shoot, recording a senior level score at 30m.  Jacob Brookes was on fire! Jacob will move up in age groups in August and he is obviously ready for the longer distances as he dropped only 41 points off maximum for the 20m and then only 17 off maximum for the 10m, giving him an overall score of 662/720 which should put him well  in contention for the UK Summer Metrics Postal Competition which is a competition for all junior archers run by Archery GB, with the highest scores recorded during July and August being accepted.

As the Records Officer is away all PBs or club records will be confirmed on her return.

The scores were as follows:-

Gents WA1440 – Compound: Rhys Moore 144/1308/58/21, Peter Mumford 144/1281/44/13, Dave Moore 143/1267/46/17, Joy Gough 144/1200/22/7

Gents WA1440  – Recurve: Danny Cowin 142/993/11/4

Gents Short Metric – Recurve: David Smith 39/197/0/0

Junior Gents Short Metric II – Recurve: Toby Young 72/605/18/6

Junior Gents Short Metric IV – Recurve: Jacob Brookes 72/662/31/12