Club Report – 14th May

Thirteen archers turned up at Greeba, over the course of the day, to shoot a Metric round as part of the Club’s Scratch League.  The round of the day was a WA 1440, that is 36 arrows at each of four distances (90/70/50/30m for the men and 70/60/50/30m for the women).

After heavy overnight rains the ground was wet underfoot, with a prediction of increasing winds during the day. Everyone turned up expecting the worst with waterproofs and woolly hats on standby but it soon became apparent that sun cream was the order of the day and several archers changed into shorts as the day progressed.

Rhys Moore, Pete Mumford and Dave Moore lined up against each other in the Gents Compound division. Rhys Moore led from start to finish in spite of having a bit of a wobble during the second dozen arrows at 90m. Dave Moore was only 7 points up on Pete Mumford after the first distance but gradually eased away from him to finish in second place 23 points ahead.

Simon Musgrove and Colin Moore also turned up for the morning session and shot the two longest distances – termed a Long Metric. Colin Moore added 13 points to his pb for the round but it was Simon Musgrove who added 24 points to his pb who took the win.

In Ladies Compound Joy Gough who was feeling a bit under the weather still managed to put in decent totals at the first two distances although she found her sight mark for 60m was radically different from the one she had used during Tuesday night’s practice. The 50m turned into something of a nightmare with Joy recording three misses with her first dozen arrows before steadying. She recovered enough at the final distance to break 1200 barrier.

In the Gents Recurve division Danny Cowin and Josh Trafford were joined by Carl Moon who was able to shoot for the whole day. Carl, shooting the 90m distance for the first time, found it difficult to be consistent but managed to keep all but one of his arrows on target. He put in decent scores at the 70 and 50m marks and finished strongly to record a First Class score and finish third. The fight for first place was between the more experienced Josh and Danny. It was Danny who made the better start opening up a 21 point lead over Josh after the first distance. This became a 42 point lead by the end of the second distance and Danny’s victory looked inevitable. After the lunch break Josh began to come back at Danny taking 16 points out of his lead at the 50m distance and a further 25 points off him at the 30m distance which meant that Josh finished just 1 point behind Danny. David Smith turned up the afternoon and shot a Short Metric round (50/30m) for the first time. He struggled a little with the 50m distance but recovered well to record a decent benchmark score.

Apologies to Toby Young who also shot during the morning session but due to a mix up by the field party shot the wrong distances for his age group so the score cannot be counted.

Barbara Harris had a mixed day, a loss of focus causing her to have a miss at 70m and struggling to find a sight mark at 60. She did manage to put in a decent score at 50 and managed to break 300 at 30 which meant that she recorded a new pb for the round.

Junior archer Jacob Brookes turned up in the afternoon and shot a Short Metric IV.