Club Report – 7th May

Conditions were bright but chilly at Greeba on Sunday. Several people turned up in shorts displaying dazzlingly white limbs which would have been better kept under cover. The breeze, at first negligible, built up over the morning but then thankfully died away again in the afternoon. The round of the day was a 720 (70m for Recurve, 50m for Compound with the children shooting distances according to age group).

In the Gents Compound division, Rhys Moore was on sparkling form as he clocked up a new pb for the round and broke the existing Club Record. He carried on shooting in the afternoon to complete a Double 720, which also broke the Club Record. Billy Lightfoot in spite of being in extreme pain from a bad back managed to add 11 points to his pb for the round to finish second. Dave Moore started well but seemed to fade over the morning and had to settle for third. Pete Mumford and Colin Moore came fourth and fifth respectively.

Joy Gough shot well generally but had three surprise misses, two of which were down to her and the third when a bee flew into her ear.

There were mixed fortunes in the Gents Recurve. Carl Moon was shooting with new carbon arrows in place of his alloys and struggled to find a sight mark for much of the shoot. He steadied towards the end of the morning however and actually added 5 points to his pb for the round. This was Carl’s third outdoor round and can now be given a handicap. Matt Elliot added 29 points to his pb for the round to push Carl down into fifth place. Dave Berry was looking on good form but his finger tab began to come apart with nine arrows to go which put a dent in his final total. The fight for first and second was between Danny Cowin and Josh Trafford with Danny making the better start. Josh gradually reeled him in so that by the end of four dozen arrows the two were all square. Danny then managed to draw ahead again and was three points ahead going into the final dozen arrows. Danny then had a miss and it looked as though Josh would take the win but he faded badly over the last six arrows and Danny claimed victory by a 14 point margin.

Barbara Harris had a poor morning with two misses and too many low scoring arrows. Harris shot the round again in the afternoon and managed to iron out some of her problems.

Jacob Brookes and Nathan Kinrade turned up in the afternoon to join Tilly Ashton who had taken part in the morning shoot.

Unfortunately for Tilly she had forgotten to take her antihistamine tablet and the effects of her hay fever forced her to abandon the afternoon session. Nathan and Jacob both shot the 30m round, Nathan for the very first time. He was doing very well until his arrow rest broke during the second last dozen. This caused him to have a miss which had an impact on his score. After a brief pause to allow Pete Mumford to effect repairs, Nathan was straight back into the zone again to finish strongly and set an excellent benchmark score for the round. Jacob Brookes had better luck and added 7 points to his pb to take the win.

David Smith was also shooting for the first time outdoors. Not having the experience to shoot a longer distance he practiced at the 40m boss. The first 3 dozen arrows he shot could be used towards his handicap score.