Club Report May 8th 2022

Another dank Sunday greeted the archers at Greeba. Low temperatures and threatening skies had them struggling to stay warm and several complained that their hands were going numb with cold. The round of the day was a WA 1440 but only four people managed to stay for the entire day and a range of other metric rounds were shot by those who could only make it to one session.

As usual the only direct competition was in the Gents Compound where Rhys Moore went up against Dave Moore and Pete Mumford. Rhys was breaking in a new bow and had issues with its balance. He spent much of the morning adjust the weight distribution and angle on his side rods. This should have given his opposition a chance but Dave Moore, just returned from an exhausting business trip, looked tired and Pete Mumford claimed to be ‘severely concussed’ after losing a fight with a boss as he pulled it out of the container. Pete never got into his stride and finished well off the pace in third place. Dave, looking quite pale, got through the morning but felt worse as the afternoon wore on and, by the time he got home, Dave realized that he was ill rather than tired. Rhys took an easy win, falling just short of 1300 despite his new bow issues.

Lone Lady Compound Joy Gough managed to overcome the cold to record a season’s best score even with a poor 30m distance total.

These four were joined in the morning session by Barbara Harris, Peter Howland, Colin Moore and Danny Cowin’s chair. Danny’s chair makes it to the shooting line more often than its owner thanks to the Records Officer who uses it as a coat rack. Barbara and Peter shot a Long Metric I (70 & 60m) with differing degrees of success. Peter’s shooting was high and wide but rarely handsome and he finished well down on his best. Barbara, while never really finding her timing, managed to record a pb for the round and pick up the third Bowman score she needed to qualify for next year’s Island Games. Colin Moore shot a 50m Barebow round which was a personal best and was disgusted with the one miss he had.

In the afternoon session Cliff Graves (Compound) and Sarah Kennedy (Recurve) and junior archer Nathan Kinrade shot a Short Metric round (50 & 30m). Laura Forrest shot a Ladies Trad Bow Long Metric (40 & 30m on a large target face). Eloise Kinrade, having recently celebrated her birthday, moved up an age group to shoot a Short Metric IV which was of course a pb. Star of the day was once again Erin Hainge, who not only recorded a pb for the Short Metric V but also smashed the Club Record into the bargain that was previously held by Lily Priestnal.

Results: WA1440 Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 144/1297/47/10, 2.D.Moore 142/1221/33/16, 3.P.Mumford 144/1164/31/10. Ladies Compound Joy Gough 144/1235/30/10sb. Long Metric 1: Gents Recurve- P.Howland 54/258/2/1. Ladies Recurve- B.Harris 71/517/8/1pb. Trad Bow 50m- C.Moore 71/504/5/1pb Short Metric: Gents Compound- C.Graves 71/610/15/7. Ladies Recurve- S.Kennedy 72/430/1/-. U18’s- N.Kinrade 68/487/7/2. Ladies Trad Bow Long Metric- L.Forrest 69/447/2/-. U14 Ladies Short Metric IV- E.Kinrade 72/526/8/-pb. u12 Ladies Short Metric V- E.Hainge 72/627/25/12CR.