Club Report March 6th 2022

The Records Officer was feeling charitable on Sunday and scheduled a Three-spot Portsmouth, with Barebow and Trad bow archers on the Single face target. This gave everyone the chance to relax after the tension of the WA 18 Three-spot the week before.

Rhys Moore was feeling particularly well following a trip to the chiropractor, and it showed in his shooting as dropped just 18 points over the course of the morning to record an emphatic win. Pete Mumford secured second place and Cliff Graves had to settle for third.

Joy Gough found herself alone in the Ladies Compound division, but she shot well in spite of having the remnants of a nasty cold. A coughing fit early on in the session put a stop to her shooting temporarily and she had to play catch up at the interval.

In the Gents Recurve junior archer Nathan Kinrade was just squeezed out of first place by Alex Allen- Snell who was returning after illness. The real fight was for third which took place between Peter Howland and Ralf Mitchell. Peter made the early pace opening up a 7 point lead by the end of the first dozen, but by the half way stage Ralf had managed to get within 2 points of him. A couple of misses by Ralf after the break undid all of his hard work and not even a storming last dozen could save him. Peter Howland shot consistently over the morning and was not put off by Ralf’s gamesmanship towards the end.

There was a field of four in the Ladies Recurve: Barbara Harris, Kristan Joughin, Maria Jose Esquivel and Sarah Kennedy. Kristan and MJ hoped to get away with shooting the single face but were ‘encouraged’ by Joy to shoot the triple face. MJ had never attempted the round before and did not seem to enjoy it all that much. She was heartened slightly by the knowledge that whatever she shot would be a pb but seemed glad when it was over. Kristan had a relatively good shoot but three misses in the last dozen as she tired and began to forward release put a dent in her score. Sarah Kennedy had a good afternoon to secure second place but was annoyed by the handful of misses she had. Barbara Harris was still trying to get to grips with her new bow and adapt to the changes in geometry forced on her by switching from a 23 inch riser to a 25 inch one. Her lack of timing led to a miss as she ripped an arrow through the clicker. After giving herself a good talking to at the break, Barbara finally showed some decent form and finished strongly to take the win.

Pete Mumford put in a blistering Barebow round in the afternoon session, beating Stan Gorry by an astounding 95 points. Pete finished the session thinking he had scored 499, but when Joy checked her scoring she found she had made a mistake and Pete had actually hit 500 which made his day.

Colin Moore broke out his Trad bow for the morning and suffered the kind of agony and extasy known only Trad bow archers.

Results Portsmouth 3 Spot: Gents Compound- 1.R.Moore 60/582/42, 2.P.Mumford 60/562/25, 3.C.Graves 60/551/12. Ladies Compound- J.Gough 60/554/14. Gents Recurve- 1.A.Allen-Snell 58/528/18, 2.N.Kinrade 59/521/19, 3.P.Howland 60/509/15, 4.R.Mitchell 58/493/9. Ladies Recurve- 1.B.Harris 59/545/23, 2.S.Kennedy 56/475/10pb, 3.K.Joughgin 54/448/12, 4.MJ Esquivel 51/394/4pb. Gents Barebow- 1.P.Mumford 60/500/12pb, 2.S.Gorry 60/405/3. Gents Tradbow- C.Moore 59/328/3.