Club Report November 1st2020

Ten archers took part in the WA 18 Handicap round on Sunday. Recurves shot on a single face target, while Compounds shot on the triple face. The scratch scores were then adjusted by means of the arcane tables which are in the keeping of the Records Officer, to give the overall results.

There was a Blue Moon on Saturday night so one of the people who turned up to shoot was Danny Cowin, though judging by the growls and the mutterings of ‘stupid sport’, he seemed to have regretted his decision to get out of bed. To be fair he had no luck. Starting well, a problem with his string began to cause Danny difficulties and have an impact on his score. Calling a weapons malfunction, proceedings were temporarily halted so he could change to a new string. The new string altered the ‘feel’ of his bow and by the time he had dialled in his sight mark again his chance of posting the highest Recurve scratch score of the day was gone. That honour went to Barbara Harris once again, but Danny had the last laugh as he finished in fourth place overall, while the best Barbara could manage was eighth. Simon Kenyon and Peter Howland once again shared a boss and once again it was Simon Kenyon who won the battle. Peter had a bad day at the office and found himself at the bottom of the leader board for the second week running. Despite having a miss Simon equalled his pb for the round and his efforts gained him second place after the handicap had been applied. Junior Archer James Hill posted the highest male Recurve score of the day, but it was nowhere near his best and he finished up in seventh place overall. Fellow junior Nathan Kinrade struggled with the target and finished just above Peter Howland in ninth.

On the Compound side of things, Pete Mumford took scratch honours over Joy Gough and Andrew Westmorland but had to settle for fifth place after handicapping. Joy’s efforts got her on to the podium in third place, while Andrew took top spot. It was nice to see junior Compounder Brandon Gough in action again. After the handicap was applied, Brandon finished just one point behind Pete Mumford in sixth place.

Results WA 18 Handicap: 1.A Westmorland 1439 (60/538/10), 2.S.Kenyon 1436 (59/455/7), 3.J.Gough 1433 (60/538/14), 4.D.Cowin 1426 (60/475/9), 5.P.Mumford 1422 (60/542/13), 6.B.Gough 1421 (60/416/1), 7.J.Hill 1419 (60/493/12), 8.B.Harris 1418 (60/516/9), 9.N.Kinrade 1390 (60/416/8), 10.P.Howland 1371 (60/390/2).

Chris and Dylan Addy, and Cliff Graves also shot but just for practice and as such were not included in the results.