Club Report – 30th October

Seventeen archers turned up at Onchan on Sunday to shoot a Portsmouth round as part of the Club’s Handicap League. The standard was generally high, with five archers recording personal best scores.

Rhys Moore as usual triumphed in the scratch tussle for the Gents Compound finishing twelve points ahead of his nearest rival and adding 5 points to his pb into the bargain.  Rhys carried on shooting into the afternoon session and his combine score set a new Club Record for the Double Portsmouth. Billy Lightfoot found his way to Onchan to finish second in scratch terms just 1 point ahead of Dave Moore, who in turn was just two points ahead of Pete Mumford.

The mother/daughter rivalry between Barbara and Charlotte Harris continued this week with Charlotte once again handing out a beating to her aging parent in the Ladies Recurve.

Alex Parkes had another good week, adding 13 points to his pb for the round and finishing fifth overall after handicapping.

It was the juniors however who faired the best on Sunday. Aaron Pannell-Cottier added 12 points to his pb and finished joint third overall. Toby Young added a terrific 63 points to his pb but had to settle for second place after the handicap was applied. Nathan Kinrade, having qualified to shoot in the handicap rounds last week, added 20 points to his pb for the Portsmouth and took the overall win.

Result Portsmouth Handicap: – 1. N.Kinrade 1464 (57/351/1)pb, 2. T.Young 1461 (60/535/17)pb, 3. R.Moore 1445 (60/586/46)pb =3. A.Pannell-Cottier 1445 (60/444/6)pb, 5. A.Parkes 1444 (60/488/10)pb, 6. B.Lightfoot 1442 (60/574/35), 7. C.Harris 1439 (60/547/23), 8. D.Berry 1437 (60/515/13) =8. J.Brookes 1437 (59/436/6), 10. C.Moore 1436 (60/566/27), 11. D.Moore 1435 (60/573/33), 12. B.Harris 1431 (60/525/14), 13. P.Mumford 1430 (60/571/31), 14. J.Gough 1425 (60/552/16), 15. D.Cowin 1423 (60/548/23), 16. T.Hartley 1419 (60/544/24), 17. J.Hill 1322 (58/355/0).